Parsley Tea Isn’t the Only Way to Reap the Perks of the Healthy Herb

Parsley is more than just a garnish. Check out the health benefits in this video

When it comes to parsley, healthy eaters tend to use it in two ways: as a garnish, or to sip as tea. (We sure do love our herbal teas!) But before you start brewing yourself a cup, there are a few things holistic health practitioner Rachelle Robinett wants you to know about parsley tea.

Like all plants, Robinett says parsley is full of vitamins and antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and K. However, she says parsley is unique in that it can impact kidney and liver function. "[Parsley is] sort of a purger and will remove excess water weight and act on those organs to release whatever they may be retaining," Robinett says in the latest episode of Plant Based. This helps it act as a diuretic, which is why it has been such a popular herbal tea.

However, drinking too much parsley tea can be problematic, Robinett says—you might lose too much water if you overdo it (and obviously, hydration is crucial). "You just want to be careful with it," she says.

Plus, Robinett says there are other ways to use the herb besides in tea form. Watch the video above for other, unexpected ways to reap the benefits of this herb—including a recipe for a delicious, parsley chimichurri. Way more exciting than tea, wouldn't you say?

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