Patagonia Is Having a Super Rare Sale Right Now, and These Best-Sellers Are 50% Off—Shop Before They Sell Out

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Secrets, secrets are no fun, which is why we're letting you in on some classified information: Patagonia is throwing a rare sale, and it's stacked with goodies (leggings! T-shirts! fleece!) at a jaw-dropping 50 percent off. Yep, you heard that right. Iconic Baggies shorts for those #AdventureGoals? Check. Retro Synchilla pullovers that will carry you through the transitional season right around the corner? Double-check. It's all up for grabs right now at the Patagonia Summer Sale.

Patagonia isn't just about lookin' fly; it's renowned for its commitment to sustainability, too. With a steadfast dedication to reducing its environmental footprint, Patagonia stands as a beacon of conscious consumerism. From using recycled materials to supporting fair labor practices, the brand's ethos aligns perfectly with those who seek to protect and preserve our planet. Needless to say, it's not a chance to score deals on the brand's best-sellers, but a chance to flex your style while making a difference.

But act fast—this epic sale only goes till August 22, and with word getting out, select styles are already selling like hotcakes. Scroll to stock up on sustainable pieces you and the planet will feel good about for a fraction of the normal price.

Baggies Shorts - 5" — $29.00

Originally $59, now $29

Available sizes: XXS-XXL (select sizes/colors sold out)

The Baggies are a popular Patagonia purchase for great reasons: First, the lightweight and durable fabric offers exceptional breathability, making it perfect for any adventure—whether you’re hiking rugged trails or lounging by the lake. The quick-drying material ensures you stay comfortable even in wet conditions, while the UPF 50+ sun protection shields your skin from harmful rays. Of course, the colors don’t hurt either; a slew of summery hues are on sale now, like Tiger Lily, a sherbet orange, and Early Teal, a bright seafoam green.

Colors: 10

Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T Fleece Pullover — $64.00

Originally $129, now $64

Available sizes: XXS-XXL (select sizes/colors sold out)

Meet your transitional season BFF, the Synchilla pullover. Another Patagonia icon, it’s beloved for its soft, warm fleece, which happens to be almost 100 percent recycled for a better planet. The boxy cut and retro colorway look effortless with leggings, jeans, shorts—you name it.

Nano Puff Jacket — $137.00

Originally $229, now $137

Available sizes: XXS-XXL (select sizes/colors sold out)

Another all-season staple worth a spot in your wardrobe, snag a Nano Puff Jacket while it’s 30 percent off. This popular piece rarely goes on sale and is adored for its versatility, packability, and of course, warmth. It’s light-as-a-feather but don’t let that fool you—this jacket will keep you toasty warm when temps start to drop. And if you get too warm, it packs down to virtually nothing, so you won’t mind (or even notice) carrying it around.

Colors: 3

Maipo 7/8 Tights — $49.00

Originally $99, now $49

Available sizes: XXS-XXL (select sizes/colors sold out)

Whether you’re hitting the gym, flowing in yoga, or exploring the outdoors, Patagonia Women’s Maipo 7/8 Tights offer the perfect balance of style and function. The tights offer a sleek and supportive fit that moves with your body, while the 7/8 lengths provide coverage without unrestricted movement. The fabric’s moisture-wicking properties keep you dry and comfortable during intense sessions (hello, hot yoga) while the blend of sustainable materials ensures both durability and eco-consciousness.

Colors: 8

Capilene Cool Trail Shirt — $27.00

Originally $45, now $27

Available sizes: XXS-XXL (select sizes/colors sold out)

This shirt’s got your back with its moisture-wicking magic, designed to keep you dry and comfy even when the temperature outside is skyrocketing. Its fit is not too baggy, not too tight, but in that perfect Goldilocks zone, made to look and feel “just right” for outdoor (or indoor!) workouts. The cherry on top? It’s made with HeIQ odor control to keep things smelling fresh n’ clean.

Colors: 3

Fleetwith Skort — $39.00

Originally $65, now $39

Available sizes: XS-XL (select sizes/colors sold out)

The Patagonia Fleetwith Skort boasts a chic silhouette that’s just as comfortable as your go-to sweatpants or leggings, only it’s a skort. It’s got that magical combination of snug and stretchy, making it your ultimate companion for running errands, taking the dog around the block, or lounging on the couch. (The built-in shorts offer extra coverage and freedom, so you can hang on the sofa without literally hanging out.)

Color: 3

Regenerative Organic Certified Cotton Essential Pants — $44.00

Originally $89, now $44

Available sizes: XS-XL

Speaking of lounging, these plush cotton sweatpants were made for relaxing in. True to the brand’s sustainable North Star, they’re crafted from organic regenerative cotton that’s said to reduce carbon emissions compared to traditional cotton. And they’ve got everything you want in a superb sweatpants, including an elastic waistband, roomy legs, and best of all, pockets.

Colors: 2

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