This New Lifting and Lengthening Mascara Rivals the Tweety Bird-Look of Lash Extensions

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Once upon a time, I was the gal who got full lash extensions monthly, with fill-ins every 2-3 weeks to keep them fresh. The reason I became so accustomed to pricey lash lifts was because 1) I got them free as a perk of my job as a beauty writer and editor in New York City, and 2) I have extremely fine, straight, and pale lashes, so they need a little help to make them pop.

Eventually, though, my natural lashes started to suffer as a result of the extensions. While lash extensions can be extremely gentle, I had trouble with them because whenever I could feel the little bump of glue (the signal they’ve begun to grow out),  I’d absentmindedly start rolling them between my fingers, plucking them out in the process rather than letting them fall out on their own. The process would often break my natural lashes, making them notably shorter and sparser. Needless to say, at some point, I decided enough was enough—it was time to let my lashes recover.

To give them a break, I halted all lash appointments and began turning my attention to top-selling mascaras. Over the years, I’ve discovered a handful of formulas that work wonders for my fine, straight, (and thankfully now-grown-out) lashes. And now, I have another trusty tube to keep in rotation.

Enter: The One/Size by Patrick Starrr Fantasize Lifting & Lengthening Mascara ($25). Marketed as a rich black mascara that’s designed to lengthen, lift, and curl lashes for up to 24 hours—without smudging, I might add—I was intrigued when I caught wind of the launch. The entire Patrick Starrr portfolio is pretty stellar, so I felt like a mascara by the beauty buff had to be worth the hype. Indeed, it is.

First things first: the wand. It’s not super thick, nor is it super thin. What’s more, unlike so many mascaras, the One/Size Fantasize silicone brush head isn’t particularly shapely. It’s straight with the tiniest taper along its six ridges of short bristles. In short, it doesn’t necessarily look like it’s a mascara capable of delivering wow-worthy results—but just wait until you swipe it on.

The formula paired with the fan-shaped brush is what makes this mascara so fantastic. It’s infused with thickening castor seed oil, softening coconut oil, and conditioning argan oil, which means you never have to worry about a flakey flutter again with this high-quality mascara. Speaking of being flake-free, the mascara is smudge-proof and sweat-proof (though, not technically waterproof), and after wearing it to Orangetheory a time or two, as well as out and about on hot and humid summer days, I can honestly say that I’m nothing short of impressed by Starrr's formulation. Over 6,000 Sephora shoppers have given it their praise, as well.

Beyond its staying power, this mascara does what it says, and more! In addition to lifting and lengthening my lashes, it also separates them beautifully, making clumps a thing of the past. To achieve my ideal lash look (long and lifted, but not too spidery), I use three coats. One thing to note is that, while the bristles of the brush pick up the perfect amount of product, the tip often comes out with a glob, which can wreak havoc on the inner corners of your eyes, so just make sure to wipe that off before starting to apply.

I’m also a sucker for chic product packaging. This mascara is housed in a red chrome tube that’s lightweight but feels well made. Although it looks like a solid color at first glance, look closer and find that it’s covered in little winking kiss emojis, only instead of dots for eyes, it has a star and a single eye decked out in enviable lashes. Suffice it to say, it’s cute as can be.

Which is all to say, if you’re in the market for stunning lashes and a dopamine boost, the One/Size by Patrick Starrr Fantasize Lifting & Lengthening Mascara is worth snagging—especially since it’s sold in the perfect mini purse size, too. It rivals the look of my old lash extensions while giving them a healthy boost with every coat to keep my lashes lifted for the long-haul.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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