Watch This Brow Gel Fake a Laminated Look in 10 Seconds Flat

Unlike the barely-there brows of the early aughts, these days the name of the game is "the bigger the better." This, of course, explains why eyebrow lamination has taken over the treatment real, thanks to the fact that it makes even the sparsest natural brows look bushy. Thankfully, for those of us who aren't willing to shell out $100 for the sake of fuller eyebrows, Patrick Ta has figured out a way to help us get the results at home in 10 seconds flat with his new Major Brow Lamination Gel ($22).

The gel—which launched earlier this year—works by coating each individual hair in pigment, which means that instead of just "filling in" your brows the way a pencil does, it makes each strand look fuller and thicker on its own. Because of this, it mimics the effects of a pro-grade lamination treatment in a few simple swipes—exactly as the name promises. At the hands of a professional, the process involves chemically relaxing the curl in your brow hairs, which allows them to lay in a certain direction. In this case, the brow gel delivers similar—albeit temporary—results for only $22.

Admittedly, there are plenty of other at-home laminating products on the market (I've been using and loving Kosas Air Brow for months), but what makes this one so special is the shape of its brush. On one side, it's got curved spikes that allow you to saturate your brow in product while brushing them in the direction you want them to lay, and on the other, it's got a flat sculpting wand that's meant to press your eyebrows down and laminate them into place. When you're done, your brows will be shaped and stay that way all day.

To perfect the look on your own, pros suggest dipping the wand in product and allowing it to dry slightly so that it gets nice and thick before you apply. Then, brush your brows up with the spikey side of the spoolie to give them the "vertically unswept" look of lamination, and press them into place with the flat side. For brows that have bald spots or need a little extra oomph, you can pair the gel with your favorite pencil to fill the areas in with some pigment.

Watch it in action, below, then try it out for yourself for "bigger, better" brows of your own.

For more home brow hacks, check out the video below. 

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