I Tried the New Pimple Patch That’s So Thin, You Can Seamlessly (and Secretly) Wear It Under Makeup

Photo: Courtesy of Peace oUt
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Pimples happen, but that doesn't mean they're pleasant. They hurt, ooze, and aren't exactly easy to work around. When I'm experiencing a breakout, I want to be able to use my favorite makeup without worrying about irritating my already-angry pimple or having a whitehead leak midday. For years, I've leaned on pimple patches to provide a barrier between my pimples and my makeup to prevent the aforementioned issues—and Peace Out just made this process even more seamless. Now, I use the new Acne Day Dots under my foundation. They're pimple patches that are 61 percent thinner than the brand's OG patches, allowing them to wear beautifully under makeup.

Peace Out Acne Day Dots ($19) is an ultra-sheer, ultra-thin version of Peace Out's bestselling Acne Dots ($19). They're designed to look as invisible as possible, whether you're wearing them on their own or under makeup. The hydrocolloid patches work by using itty bitty "micro darts" to absorb excess fluid and pull dirt and oil out of a pimple, helping decrease its size. The darts also deliver salicylic acid and retinol deep down into the zit to speed up the healing process, and the patches are infused with aloe vera to soothe the skin and minimize the appearance of redness.

Trying the new Peace Out Acne Day Dot

It was clear from the moment I opened the package that these dots were different. They're super thin—so thin that it's kind of hard to remove them from their sticker-sheets without them folding in on each other and creating a deep seam that's impossible to smooth.  To prevent this, I've found that the best way to apply them is to use pair of tweezers. Any will do, but I prefer something curved with a thin tip, like the curved tweezers in this set ($6).

Me wearing the Peace Out Acne Day Dot under makeup.
Me wearing the Peace Out Acne Day Dot under makeup.

In the photo above, I wore the patch over a pimple and under the True Botanicals Everyday Skin Tint SPF 30 ($54), and loved the way it looked. Is the patch totally invisible? Of course not. It's still a sticker on my face. But it allows me to protect and heal my pimples in the least-obvious way possible without having to sacrifice wearing makeup, which is a definite win.

For comparison's sake, I tried this patch alongside two others on my forehead. (Full disclosure: I tested them on pimple-less skin, as I did not happen to have three pimples in a row on my forehead.) Even without makeup, the new Peace Out dot is the clear (pun very much intended) front-runner for its stealthiness. The finish has a subtle warmth to it that allows it to blend more seamlessly into my skin—the other two had a sterile blue hue that made them more noticeable. And once I applied makeup, I could really see what made the New Day Acne Dot so special. It's so thin that the natural little bumps and divots on my skin were still visible. In other words, the patch appears super skin-like, and allows my natural texture to show through instead of creating an artificial-looking smoothness.

The new Peace Out Acne Day dot is in the pink circle to the right.

While the new Peace Out dot isn't fully invisible (again, that's impossible), it serves as a perfect, hard-to-spot-unless-you're-looking-closely barrier between pimples and makeup. While there are certainly days I wanna wear my pimple patches with pride à la Starface, there are also days when I just want to make my pimples as inconspicuous as possible. And the Peace Out Acne Day Dot does just that.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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