Peloton Is Making It Easier To Maintain Your Streak While on Vacation

Photo: Peloton
Hitting the hotel gym can be a gamble when you're traveling. You never know what kind of equipment you’re going to get. But Hilton and Peloton are working to change that with a new partnership that’s a boon for travelers (and potentially good for Peloton’s business, which has been notoriously rocky lately).

Hilton is in the process of putting at least one Peloton bike into the fitness center of nearly all of its 5,400 U.S. hotel properties, which include chains like Double Tree, Hampton by Hilton, and Waldorf Astoria. That means if you’re a Peloton devotee, you don’t have to skip your rides and break your streak while traveling. And if you've always been Peloton-curious but never hopped on one of the bikes yourself, your next vacation or business trip could offer the chance you've been waiting for.

You can check which hotels have Pelotons by searching Peloton’s hotel finder website. Pelotons are already in multiple hotels across the world, but aren’t necessarily a standard, consistent feature like they now will be for Hiltons.

In addition to placing Peloton bikes in Hilton gyms, the company is offering Hilton Honors members a 90-day free trial for the Peloton app from October 3 to January 1, 2023. (Non-Hilton Honors members can try out the Peloton app with a 30-day free trial that anyone has access to.)

Peloton’s booming popularity in the pandemic brought it a ton of passionate customers who might value the ability to keep up with their workout routine while away from home. But the company has been struggling recently thanks to a loss of interest in what for many was a pandemic-era hobby. That’s led to financial declines, layoffs, and executive departures at the company.

Peloton’s new leadership has vowed to cut costs and work on new customer acquisition in an effort to turn things around. Just last week, it was announced that Peloton would now be sold at the popular sports equipment store DICK'S Sporting Goods. This Hilton partnership is another move that's clearly an attempt to broaden the company's reach.

Will it inspire some Peloton-fatigued former users to dust off those bikes once they’re back home? Maybe. Still, Peloton has a steep hill to climb.

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