Peloton Trainer Rebecca Kennedy Shares What a Week of Eating Intuitively Looks Like for Her

Photo: Rebecca Kennedy; Graphic: Well+Good Creative
It can be enough of a challenge to figure out how to properly fuel your body if you're training for a half- or full marathon. Imagine if it was literally your job not only to run, but to do it in front of hundreds and thousands of people. Welcome to Peloton Tread master trainer Rebecca Kennedy's life.

Kennedy, who is a holistic fitness trainer, teaches Peloton Tread classes—running with class-takers the whole time—on top of doing her own personal workouts, including upper body strength, boxing, and dance class. Considering that her fitness routine is a bit more intense than the average person's, it makes you wonder...what the heck does she eat to stay energized and strong? Well, Kennedy's doing one better than just telling; she's showing.

Kennedy tracked all her workouts and meals for an entire week—including snacks, all revealed here. Kennedy's philosophy is refreshingly simple: "I eat whole foods, in season, local, intuitively, and mindfully," she says. "Food is surely food, but it should also be enjoyed and celebrated. Life is too short for diets. Instead, I eat foods that make me feel good from the inside out."

What does this look like exactly? Keep reading to check out Kennedy'd food diary, exclusively for Well+Good.

rebecca kennedy food diary sunday
Photos: Rebecca Kennedy; Graphic: Well+Good Creative


Schedule: Teaching a 30-minute Interval Run class and a 10 minute Arms+Shoulders class; 90-minute dance class

Breakfast: Coffee with collagen and MCT oil. "I wake up at 7 a.m. and have eight ounces of hot water with organic lime juice and sea salt. Then, an hour later, I have a cup of coffee spiked with Promix Nutrition coconut collagen and MCT oil. Around 9:30 a.m., I have water mixed with Promix BCAA [protein powder]. Then I head out to teach my classes."

Post-workout snack: "After my classes I make a smoothie with one scoop of chai Xymogen protein powder, banana, four cups of blueberries, two cups of spinach, half a cup of unsweetened oat milk, and half a cup of water."

Lunch: Scrambled eggs, English muffin, sauerkraut, and broccoli rice. "Lunchtime! I make this yummy protein and fiber-filled meal."

Workout drink: Water with Promix BCAA. "I have this during a 90 minute dance class."

Post-workout snack: Fruit. "I eat some passion fruit after dance class to hold me over until dinner."

Dinner: "Tonight I roasted two cups of broccoli and a cup of butternut squash, which I had with poached salmon. I was so hungry that I downed the broccoli before I even stopped to take a photo of it for my food diary. Oh, and I had a glass of white wine on the side." A few hours after dinner, she says she has another 16 ounces of hot water with lime juice and sea salt, just like how she starts her day.

rebecca kennedy food diary monday
Photos: Rebecca Kennedy; Graphic: Well+Good Creative


Schedule: Teaching a 20-minute Run class; teaching 20-minute Bodyweight Strength class; physical therapy; 45-minute boxing class

Breakfast: Coffee with collagen and MCT oil. "I'm up at 5:15 a.m. and have my daily morning drink of water with lime juice and sea salt. Around 6 a.m., I make my coconut collagen-MCT oil coffee. Before I start teaching, I have a glass of water with Promix BCAAs."

Post-workout snack: Smoothie. "After teaching my classes, I have a recovery smoothie with the same ingredients as Sunday's."

Lunch: "I go to physical therapy and make some eggs—one scrambled, one egg white fried. I have it with three strips of vegan tempeh bacon, sauerkraut, and a cup and a half of broccoli rice. I put Everything But The Bagel seasoning on the rice and it's so good. After lunch I have 16 ounces of water."

Workout drink: Water with BCAAs. "I down this during my boxing class."

Dinner: "When I get home, I make baked chicken and have some of the leftover roasted butternut squash and roasted broccoli. I have dinner with a lemon Spindrift but have a glass of wine a little later. Before bed I have my usual hot water with lime juice and sea salt beverage."

rebecca kennedy food diary tuesday
Photos: Rebecca Kennedy; Graphic: Well+Good Creative


Schedule: Pilates reformer class; teaching a 45-minute Pop Run

Breakfast: Coffee with collagen and MCT oil. "As usual, I start my morning off with hot water with lime juice and sea salt, coffee with collagen and MCT oil, and before my workout, some water with BCAAs."

Post-workout snack: Smoothie. "I make my usual chai protein, banana, spinach smoothie after Pilates."

Lunch: "For lunch I have some leftover chicken breast with two fried eggs, which I season with rosemary. I have three strips of vegan bacon on the side with an English muffin and sauerkraut. A couple hours later I have a lime Spindrift...and then a lemon La Croix."

Snack: "A couple hours after lunch I have a big glass of water—not seltzer this time—and some watermelon with toasted rosemary sea salt and poppy seeds."

Workout drink: Water with BCAAs. "I drink this while teaching my 45-minute Pop Run."

Dinner: "Some friends and I go to Charlie Bird to eat and I order a farro salad, clams, branzino, and harissa carrots; I share everything with a friend. I also have water and wine to drink. When I get home, I have my hot water with lime and sea salt, but also some ginger kombucha."

rebecca kennedy food diary wednesday
Photos: Rebecca Kennedy; Graphic: Well+Good Creative


Schedule: 20-minute Stall Bar workout; 45-minute full-body bootcamp class; 10-minute run

Breakfast: Coffee with coconut collagen and MCT oil.

Post-workout snack: "After my mini-workout, I have my usual chai smoothie, but I also have a slice of dairy-free veggie frittata," she says.

Lunch: Chicken, eggs, tempeh bacon, English muffin, and sauerkraut. "For lunch, I had the same meal as yesterday, with a lemon La Croix to drink."

Snack: "A couple hours later, I have some Siggi's 0% plain yogurt with some raw pistachios and a fig. I'm doing an evening workout, so I also have my water with BCAAs to get ready for that."

Dinner: "After my bootcamp class—followed by a 10-minute cool down run—I head home and have some grilled chicken breast and a lime Spindrift to drink. A couple hours later, I'm still hungry so I have some baked cod and roasted asparagus—and a lemon Spindrift."

Dessert: Dark chocolate. "A craving for something sweet hits and I have four ounces of 85- percent dark chocolate alongside my hot water with lime juice and sea salt."

rebecca kennedy food diary thursday
Photos: Rebecca Kennedy; Graphic: Well+Good Creative


Schedule: Day off

Breakfast: "Today is my day off, so I sleep in until 9:30 a.m. and then have my hot water with lime juice. I still have my collagen- and MCT oil-coffee, but I also have two slices of dairy-free veggie frittata with pico de gallo."

Lunch: English muffin with peanut butter and raspberries. "I had a big breakfast, so I'm not too hungry when lunch rolls around," she says.

Dinner: "For dinner I have some leftover baked cod with olive tapenade and roasted asparagus. Simple and delicious."

Dessert: "I still want a little something after dinner so I have a Hu dark chocolate bar and two spoonfuls of almond butter, which really hits the spot. Before heading to bed I have my usual hot water with lime juice."

rebecca kennedy food diary friday
Photos: Rebecca Kennedy; Graphic: Well+Good Creative


Schedule: Teaching a 30-minute Run class; teaching a 15-minute Arms+Shoulders class

Breakfast: Coffee with coconut collagen and MCT oil. "I have to teach really early today, so I'm up at 4 a.m. The early hour doesn't deter me from my usual morning routine of hot water with lime juice and coffee fat bomb. I also have a glass of water with BCAAs before class starts."

Post-workout snack: Smoothie. "I'm done teaching, so it's smoothie time! I whip up my usual."

Second breakfast: "I'm still hungry so I have a slice of leftover dairy-free veggie frittata, three strips of vegan bacon, and a slice of bread.

Snack: "I get hungry around 12:30, so I have an orange to hold me over until lunch."

Lunch: Tuna poke with avocado from a nearby grab-and-go place.

Dinner: "For dinner, I have chicken with roasted broccoli and butternut squash—yep, leftovers!"

Dessert: Dark chocolate. "As you can tell, I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I have two squares of a Hu dark chocolate bar, with my hot water and lime juice."

rebecca kennedy food diary saturday
Photos: Rebecca Kennedy; Graphic: Well+Good Creative


Schedule: 8-mile run with 10 hill repeats

Breakfast: "I sleep in until 8:30 a.m. and then make my usual morning drinks. I also make some yummy protein pancakes with one egg, one banana, a scoop of my chai protein powder, a splash of unsweetened hazelnut milk, and a tablespoon of gluten-free flour. So good, right? I put some blueberries in there, too. On the side, I have an egg and two strips of tempeh bacon. I'm definitely fueled up for my long run now. I down a glass of water with BCAAs before I'm out the door."

Post-workout drink: Smoothie and coffee. "After my run, I make a smoothie, but this one is totally different than my weekday smoothies. It's made with Norcal organic pea protein, unsweetened hazelnut milk, a quarter cup raspberries, Power Greens, ashwagandha, pure vanilla extract, and two cups spinach. There's a lot in there, but it's good! I'm feeling a little tired a couple hours later, so I buy an iced americano."

Lunch: Chicken, broccoli, butternut squash. "I have a late lunch of the leftover chicken, roasted broccoli, and butternut squash I have at home, with a lime Spindrift on the side."

Dinner: Fish. "I get more good protein at dinner with some white fish ceviche. I drink another lime Spindrift, too."

Snack: "Around 10 p.m., I have a handful of pistachios and a glass of white wine. Then, I make my hot water and head to bed."

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