Your Complete Guide to Which Peloton Tread Instructor’s Class Is Right for You, Depending on Your Workout Style

So you just unwrapped your Peloton Tread+ and you're ready to start racking up the miles. You're in luck: Peloton serves up running workouts that range from five minutes to 60 minutes long and never feel like dreadmill sessions (promise). There are 12 total Peloton Tread+ instructors—and each coaches with their own unique zest and style.

To better understand which of these instructors match your particular style for working out, taking into consideration their playlists, inspiration style, and overall vibe, we've outlined the best instructor for what you want out of your workout. From those who will bring tears of joy to your eyes to others who will help you gain mental toughness, here's how to select your guide. Ready, runner?

If you want to feel inspired: Becs Gentry

You know those coaches who tell anecdotes about their own life to inspire you to look at yours through a new lens? Well, Gentry definitely falls into that category. She has plenty of stories to tell about her global running adventures, and you'll be moved by her anecdotes as you keep moving. Queue up her 45-minute tempo run and get ready to challenge your stamina.

If you want steadfast encouragement: Olivia Amato

Having a cheer section in your workout is never a bad thing—and Amato effortlessly transitions between being a coach and being a one-woman pep squad. Expect a hard workout and good vibes whenever you choose to take a class, like the 45-minute pop run, with Amato.

If you want your runs to be more than a run: Chase Tucker

The truth is: No run is just a run—and Tucker will remind you of that again and again. Tucker studied kinesiology in college and aims for every class to fuel your passion. So much so that you feel it even after the tread belt has come to a stop. But hey, don't take it from me. Try Tucker's 20-minute hip hop fun run to decide for yourself.

If you want to pour your whole heart into your run: Selena Samuela

Samuela describes her coaching style as a match that will light your inner fire. So if you're ready to give it your all (and maybe have tears in your eyes by the end), let Samuela guide you. Go for the 30-minute pump rock run.

If you want to gain mental toughness: Jess Sims

Sims wants you to learn how to think like an athlete—and she'll bring all the tools you need to every session to help you do just that. She'll ask a lot of you, but the R.O.I. will be sweet. Kick things off with her 20-minute 90s run that includes songs from Britney Spears and Q-Tip.

If you want a workout that keeps you on your toes: Jess King

So you thrive on workouts that deliver surprise after surprise? Meet King, who loves to throw you off (in a fun way) by inserting challenges throughout the run. Your first plot twist? An Elvis-themed 20-minute run. Go ahead, get started!

If you need a reminder that you are so strong: Matt Wilpers

On days when your inner-bully won't seem to let up, let Wilpers remind you just how capable you are of doing hard things. After a nice, long run, you'll have a fresh headspace to call home—and we all need that. Press start on the tread and try a 20-minute hills run.

If you need some humor: Adrian Williams

Sometimes, you just want to laugh your way through a 5K. Williams will imbue your run with joy and make sure those final steps happen with a great big, goofy smile on your face. Try Williams' 20-minute HIIT run to cross the starting line.

If you want to feel like you're running with a friend: Matty Maggiacomo

Running with a friend is one of life's most special experiences, IMO, and Maggiacomo's warm coaching style lets you feel that magic on-demand. Also, expect plenty of belly laughs as the kilometers pass underneath you. Get the ball rolling with a 30-minute disco run.

If you want to reconnect with your body: Rebecca Kennedy

Movement is pretty damn amazing—and Kennedy's here to remind you just in case you forget that. By the end of her workouts, you'll be re-inspired by your body and ready to break down any obstacle in your path. Start with a 20-minute house run.

If you want to work on your running technical skills: Andy Speer

Speer doesn't just tell you to run an interval—he tells you why you're running it. So if you're one of those inquisitive pavement-pounders who loves to peel away the mechanics of the sport (it me), consider his classes your lecture-slash-workout. Speer's 20-minute 80s fun run is the place to start if you want to run to "Heaven is a Place on Earth."

If you want to get your booty kicked: Robin Arzón

Arzón's classes are no joke. As the VP of fitness programming at Peloton, Arzón loves to push you past your self-imposed boundaries so that you can grow runner. It won't be easy—but it will definitely be worth it. Grab your sneakers and try the 10-minute extra mile run if you want to tack a little extra onto today's workout.

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