6 Period Sex Products That’ll Get You in the Flow for a Mess-Free, Feel-Good Time

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If the main reason you never consider having period sex is because the act can make quite the mess, understood. But since a number of period sex products exist that make cleaning up afterward less of a pain, it might be worth reconsidering your stance. After all, research shows that orgasms can actually offer relief for period cramps.

"Orgasms release oxytocin, also known as the 'love hormone,' as it helps the body manage pain by interacting with opiate receptors in the brain, relieving pain and stress and supporting a regular menstrual cycle," says Megwyn White, sexologist, licensed sex coach, and director of education at sexual-wellness product brand Satisfyer. "Orgasms also cause contractions in the muscles of the uterus, which ultimately support a more efficient release of the uterine lining, resulting in a shorter period and less menstrual cramping."

Furthermore, period sex can simply feel plain, old good. White points out that it's super common to feel more aroused during this time thanks to a shift in hormones, and that blood can actually function as a natural lubricant. "Shifting the framing [to embracing arousal and] blood as lubricant…can help in following natural impulses towards sexual exploration while on your period," she says.

That said, it can still make for a mess. To minimize cleanup so you can enjoy your pleasure sesh, check seven period products for sex rounded up below.

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  • Megwyn White, certified sexologist and director of education at Satisfyer

Below, 7 period sex products to help you romp freely

1. Flex Menstrual Disc, $15

Menstrual discs are a single-use menstrual-hygiene product that can last up to 12 hours, and they work by capturing your blood for clean sex play. Discs tend to sit higher in the body than a menstrual cup, and some users have reported experiencing stronger orgasms as a result of it rubbing against the cervix.

Shop Now: Flex Menstrual Disc, $15

2. Satisfyer Feel Good Menstrual Cup, $10

Consider menstrual cups as your best ally for non-penetrative sex acts. "A menstrual cup is a great tool for keeping the blood contained while exploring clitoral stimulation and oral sex," White says. "Plus the cups offer a natural resistance to the muscles of the vagina due to their expandable nature, which is a great way to indirectly train the muscles of orgasmic contraction without having to work at it."

So, if masturbating on your period appeals for all the above orgasmic reasons, a cup and a suction sex toy can make a dynamic duo.

Shop Now: Satisfyer Feel Good Menstrual Cup, $10

3. Liberator Fascinator Throw Moisture Proof Blanket, $120

If your core concern regarding period sex is the protection of your bedding, I feel you friend. I just got mint-green bamboo bedding, and I plan to guard it at all costs. And while this period sex product indeed skews costly, it will indeed keep your play area guarded.

Shop Now: Liberator Fascinator Throw Moisture Proof Blanket, $120

4. Knix CoreLove High Rise, $36

Period underwear is an amazing invention, although I've yet to trust a pair during the heaviest points of my menstruation cycle. Many great brands are out there, but I personally love Knix, specifically my CoreLove High Rise undies. They're black mesh, with a snug fit and a velvet band for core support, and they look pretty cute while wearing.

Shop Now: Knix CoreLove High Rise, $36

5. WLDKAT Prebiotic + pH Balanced Sex Serum, $40

If you're still wrapping your head around the whole "blood as lube" thing, chill out with WLDKAT's Prebiotic and pH Balanced Sex Serum. The water-based formula is infused with high-quality CBD to relax your nerves. It's also period-friendly, and definitely sex-friendly, helping you enter a dreamy state of arousal.

Shop Now: WLDKAT Prebiotic + pH Balanced Sex Serum, $40

6. Royal Single Body Wipes Box, $15

Whether you're on your period or not, I highly recommend Royal's body wipes for post-sex cleanup. Infused with Vitamin E and aloe extract, they're nourishing, moisturizing, flushable and biodegradable, and just get the job done.

Shop now: Royal Single Body Wipes Box, $15

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