7 Period Subscription Boxes That Will Make That Time of the Month Suck a Little Less

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As if being a human wasn’t hard enough, getting your period can often make things that much more annoying. Aside from the "whole bleeding for multiple days" thing, periods are also often accompanied by a slew of other not-so-pleasant symptoms including cramps, crazy back pain, achy boobs, wild food cravings, and for some, gnarly poops. (Thank progesterone for that last one, fam.)

All symptoms aside though, one of the worst parts about periods is being caught unprepared with no pad, tampon, or menstrual cup in sight. Enter: period subscription boxes. With just a few clicks (and a credit card, of course), you can set up a subscription so all of your period essentials automatically arrive at your doorstep every month, no schlepping to the drugstore required. While you're shopping for period subscription boxes, pick up some of the other best subscription boxes, too.

Curious to try it out yourself? Here are 7 period subscription boxes well-worth your money:

cora period subscription box
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1. Best for high-quality basics: Cora

Price: Starts at $5 a month

From certified organic tampons and pads to BPA-free silicone menstrual cups, Cora covers all the bases and lets you create your own custom selection of products depending on your needs (based on the length and heaviness of your cycle, your product preference, etc.). Your first order will also include the signature kit, which comes with a black box for storage and a vegan leather clutch to throw in your bag. Refills ship out every three months and with every monthly purchase, the company provides a month's worth of period products to a girl in need.

lola period essentials kit
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2. Best for all-around sexual and reproductive wellness: Lola

Price: Starts at $9 a month

Lola too allows you to customize your own subscription box to include a mix of tampons, pads with wings, liners, and cleansing wipes—all of which are made with organic cotton and no synthetic fibers, fragrances, or dyes. There are also a few pre-made subscription box options, such as the Period Essentials kit ($29 per month, pictured above), which comes with a box of 18 tampons, a box of 28 liners, and 12 cleansing wipes.  There are also a few fun things you can add to your subscription, including an essential oil blend for cramps and sex-related products (hello, natural lube and super thin condoms). 

tampon tribe tampons
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3. Best for the eco-warrior: Tampon Tribe 

Price: Starts at $10 a month

Tampon Tribe takes eco-friendliness to another level. The brand doesn’t use any plastic, ever. Everything they use, from the cardboard applicators and paper wrappers to the burlap packaging, is compostable. The tampons, pads, and liners themselves are made with organic cotton that is free of chemicals, dyes, and bleaches. With every monthly purchase, they donate a feminine hygiene pack to a homeless woman. 

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4. Best luxury option: Kali 

Price: Starts at $16 per month

Similar to other period subscription boxes, Kali lets you design your box and select your frequency of delivery (every month to three months). The boxes feature only clean period products made without any of the bad stuff like dioxin, chlorine bleach, pesticides, or parabens. It's a bit pricier than some of the others on this list, but it has some unique products, including liners that can fit into a thong (a miracle of science!) and luxury self-care add-ons—think rosewater facial mist, virgin coconut sugar scrub, and lavender-infused bath soak. The best part: you can add up to five free tampons or pads to your order in case you need a few extras. 

blume period subscription box
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5. Best for your little sister: Blume 

Price: Starts at $8 a month

Geared toward teenage girls, Blume offers clean tampons and pads without any potentially toxic chemicals. You can order your products à la carte or as a subscription that arrives monthly, bi-monthly, or every three months. You can also add in a chocolate or sweet of the month to your order as well as an essential oil blend, tea to soothe cramps. They also sell great skin-care products, too.

athena club
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6. Best for design snobs: Athena Club 

Price: Starts at $8 per month

Need period and self-care products? Consider Athena Club, with its beautiful, millennial-friendly packaging, your one-stop shop. Stock your subscription with toxin-free tampons, pads, or liners, and a variety of other self-care goodies. There’s a sleek razor kit, vitamin-rich lotion, creamy body wash, shave foam, plant-based deodorant, multi-vitamins, and probiotics that are made with natural and eco-friendly ingredients. They also appear to have a forthcoming "The Monthlies" subscription set with an assortment of pads and tampons for $26 per month.

moon bakery dessert subscription box
Photo: Moon Bakery / Poppi Photography

7. Best for your period-related food cravings: Moon Cycle Bakery 

Price: $34 a month

Period cravings are no joke, and Moon Cycle Bakery gets it. The brand offers a variety of baked goods made with hormone-supporting ingredients so they’ll satisfy the sugar cravings and help ease symptoms. You can order goodies like cinnamon almond butter oatmeal cookies, sweet potato brownies with chocolate chunks, or decadent chocolate cups à la carte. Or treat yourself (pun intended) to a monthly subscription box which includes eight treats curated for each phase of your menstrual cycle

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