Is Tracking Your Periods the Secret to Becoming a Master Manifester?

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Having trouble getting going with your resolutions? Ready to make 2017 work for you a bit more? Women's hormone expert and Wellness Council member Alisa Vitti believes that women have a secret weapon in making things happen: their monthly cycle. Yes, really. Here, she explains why it might be just the trick for making your manifesting dreams come true.

When it comes to manifesting, you may be a vision boarding pro—but how much do you know about your period? Are you a type-A tracker or a "try-not-to-think-about-it" type?  Turns out these two activities are more connected than you think—and understanding that can turn the dial up on your manifesting powers.

When clients play to the strengths of each of the monthly four phases that every woman experiences, big things start happening in their career and at home.

One thing I've found in 10-plus years of helping women bring their bodies back to hormonal balance: If you happen to be female, manifestation has a mind-body component. Time and again, I've seen that when clients get in tune with the natural energy of their cycles—and play to the strengths of each of the monthly four phases that every woman experiences—big things start happening in their career and at home.

Here's how it works: There are generally four universal components of any manifestation cycle (more on that in a sec), and those four phases are actually baked in to your menstrual cycle, to create a grand creation matrix—a natural pattern of making things happen. It might sound crazy, but think of it this way: Your cycle is the ultimate maker, keeping time and making tiny humans.

Keep reading to find out how to plug into the power of your period, by syncing your life to the four phases of your monthly cycle.

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First: Get your hormonal health on point

Does this sound familiar? Some weeks, you feel like you’re at the top of your game; you’re killing it at work, beating every deadline, crushing your workouts, and still managing to make time for friends, family, and romance. Some weeks however, you’re behind on everything, can’t seem to move from the couch, and barely remember if you brushed your hair that day.

So what gives? Why do you sometimes feel like you’re running the world and other times feel like you’re being run over? How can your emotions, confidence, and energy shift so dramatically in just a week’s time?

These hormonal swings are absolutely signs that you need to address your diet to balance your hormones, a key step in leveraging your cycle to become a power manifester—and for this reason, it's important to track your period symptoms and learn what to do to fix them with food. But wild moods are also a sign that you’re not fully tapping into the natural energy of your cycle and the immense creative and magnetic power of your feminine energy.

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Respect the feminine

Now, you may be rolling your eyes at the concept of “feminine energy,” but hear me out. “Feminine energy” isn’t about dressing, looking, or behaving a certain way; it’s about connecting with an innate part of your being. It’s about looking at each aspect of your cyclical nature as incredible strengths, not vulnerabilities, and learning to use them in a way that benefits you and allows you to achieve your personal, professional, romantic, and spiritual goals.

Most of all, it has to do with being willing to acknowledge that there is a timing and seasonality to your life. I have termed this "Cycle Syncing". This is exactly where the mind-body connection occurs—and practicing this can dramatically improve your manifesting abilities.

It may sound mysterious and vaguely mystical, but cycle syncing is a totally doable, intuitive way of life—once you master the basics.

It may sound mysterious and vaguely mystical, but cycle syncing is a totally doable, intuitive way of life—once you master the basics. It just means understanding how the delicate balance of estrogen and progesterone impacts your feelings, libido, and productivity, and then structuring your life around the predictable ebbs and flows of your cycle.

When your hormones are balanced, estrogen boosts your creativity and your social side while progesterone amplifies your analytical, detail-oriented side. Now that you know that, you just need to get a handle on when each hormone is at its peak and how to work with it, not against it—and align your activities with the magic and wisdom in your cycle.

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Power up your 4-phase monthly cycle

Manifestation generally has four universal components: setting your intention, telling your community about it, taking action, and acknowledging what happened (with gratitude).

Here's how you can marry those four phases to the four phases of your menstrual cycle, for major manifestation mojo.

The follicular phase
When: The week after your period ends.
What’s happening: Estrogen is building up.
What to do: Clarify your vision and set your intention.

The ovulation phase
When: Mid-cycle for 3–5 days.
What’s happening: Estrogen is at its highest point and you’re the most fertile, biologically.
What to do: Speak your truth, talk about your plans, collaborate, meet, connect, ask for support for the intentions that you set.

The luteal/premenstrual phase
When: About 10–12 days before your period starts.
What’s happening: Progesterone is at its highest point.
What to do: Get stuff done! You’ll be in super-organizational mode and take pleasure in attending to the details. If you’re having PMS symptoms or feeling especially unhappy about something, listen to that information—instead of dismissing your feelings—and bring it in for deeper evaluation in menstrual phase.

The menstruation phase
When: The days when you have your period.
What’s happening: All of your hormones are at a low point.
What to do: Reflect on all that has taken place and set aside time to be grateful. Feel into any area of your life that needs more of your attention—and use it to inspire your next round of intention-setting. You’ll want to use this phase to get plenty of rest so you can recharge your batteries before starting the next cycle; this will set you up for a more successful, energetic month!

By getting to know your body’s natural patterns and cooperating with them instead of fighting against them, you can actually become more efficient, productive, energized, and happy. Everything you feel you need and want to do will have its right timing, allowing you to live a more sustainable, self-loving lifestyle. And that’s when you’re able to really create your best life.

If the thought of cycle syncing is stressing you out a bit, download my new app, MyFLO. It’s the first and only functional medicine period-tracking app that also tells you how to resolve any the symptoms you have each cycle. Plus, it helps you check your daily hormone forecast so you know what foods to eat, exercise to do, things to prioritize at work, and more. (And to take a deep dive into your specific menstrual issues, learn your period type, or V-Sign, by taking this quiz.)

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