P&g Has Acquired Cult-Fave Deodorant Brand Native

Photo: Instagram/@native_cos
First, mega beauty corporation Procter & Gamble announced that they're going to be transparent about what's truly in their fragrances by the end of 2019 —which is a huge move considering "fragrance" is an umbrella term that can include a myriad of chemicals, which are not legally required to be disclosed. And now, P&G has just acquired indie non-toxic deodorant brand, Native. (Mic drop.)

The direct-to-consumer deodorant brand has been making aluminum-free deodorant since 2015—in a huge range of scents, from almond and vanilla to pumpkin spice—and has grown a cult following of over 1 million customers. So, it's an exciting next step for the small but growing brand to be purchased by such a major personal-care company and to reach even more people (maybe even in drugstores someday).

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed, but Moiz Ali, Native's founder and CEO, says he's excited to work with a company that's open to hearing what shoppers really want. "P&G's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is a perfect fit for us," he says. So this could make the cult fave brand become as accessible as other clean drugstore deodorant brands, like Nourish Organics, Crystal, and Jason.

"Native brings a unique opportunity to P&G...to reach a unique consumer who are deliberate about what they put on their bodies."

In a statement, Bill Brace, P&G's vice president of North American personal care, said: “Native brings a unique opportunity to P&G...It’s a great strategic match for us, building on our leadership in the deodorants category and broadening our portfolio to reach a unique consumer who [is] deliberate about what they put on their bodies."

At a time when more and more personal-care industry leaders are valuing consumers' increasing interest in cleaner ingredients in their products, it's another big step that shows consumers are seeking out more non-toxic options.

And while there are no plans to change Native's direct-to-consumer model for now, here's really hoping that the PSL bar will make an appearance on the drugstore store shelf someday.

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