We Totally Understand Why This Pimple Patch Has a 3,000 Person Waitlist

Photo: Hero Cosmetics
The scenario is all-too-familiar: You get a zit and want to squelch it overnight, so you slather on your beloved spot treatment, and wake up to a reduced blemish. Nowadays, however, the pimple patch has made a serious resurgence and we actually think that there's a case to be made for wearing them during the day.

It's no surprise that the rise of the pimple patch coincides with the acne positivity movement. Rather than wait until you're asleep to let your serum fight that breakout, more people are just slapping on the bandaid-like patches (which have hydrocolloid to help draw out the pus) to do the job—even during the day.

“In the beginning, I wasn’t sure people would want to talk about acne and pimple patches," says Ju Rhyu, co-founder of Hero Cosmetics, the company that makes the Mighty Patch patches. "It’s not a very sexy topic or an aspirational image. But I’ve been really happy to see the growing skin-positivity and acne-positivity message growing because it’s part of what we’re also trying to communicate and spread with our brand and product.”

They've had so much success with their patches that their latest launch, the clear Mighty Patch Invisible, had a 3,000 person waitlist—yes, really. It has the same acne-fighting, hydrocolloid-based prowess, but is more discreet—so you can wear them wherever you go.

Whether in an Uber or at the office or on a long-haul flight, Rhyu says that we shouldn't relegate patches to our nighttime routine anymore. “We want to be honest. We know that acne sucks, but we have a great solution to help fix it. Part of what we were trying to accomplish is to make it ok to talk about acne and show the imperfections of our skin,” Rhyu says.

More brands are coming out with patches too, so that you can hide your zits while making them go away—the ultimate multitasking feat.

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