This Bundle of ‘Miracle’ Pink Stuff Will Help You Clean *Every* Surface in Your Home

On the list of things that make me feel put-together even while life is generally chaotic, a sparkling clean apartment sits at the very top. But scrubbing and wiping are also some of my least favorite activities, especially given the over-the-top amount of grime and dirt that builds up in spots like the grates of a gas stovetop and the grout in the shower when you share an apartment with three other women, like I do. (Don't even get me started on the hair situation.)

So, when I first heard about a new product called The Pink Stuff ($8) that could purportedly cut through stuck-on dirt and sticky filth with supercharged efficacy, I simply had to give it a try. And now that I've experienced its cleaning magic first-hand, I suggest you do the same—and grab the full bundle of Pink Stuff products while you're at it (which includes the Miracle Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Miracle Cream Cleaner, Miracle Cleaning Paste, and Miracle Bathroom Foam Cleaner).


The hype around The Pink Stuff isn't just remarkable because of its sheer size—there have been over 225 million TikTok videos created about its cleaning powers—but because, at the end of the day, it's a cleaning product, and cleaning is just not typically something that people get all excited about. The other interesting thing is that the company behind the product isn't new. The original paste was actually created in 1938 (though some of the sprays have been launched and updated since then), but thanks again to social media, it's recently made the leap across the pond from the UK to the U.S., where it's established itself as a best-selling household cleaning product on Amazon.

Though I'm generally a fan of repurposing everyday products for cleaning purposes—you'd be surprised by how a mixture of white vinegar and water can spiff up glass, and citric acid can freshen up a grimy toilet—I was intrigued by the original Pink Stuff paste's popularity because at the end of the day, efficiency is my number-one cleaning goal. That said, I also prefer to avoid pungent bleach and ammonia whenever I can, so I was extra-pleased to find out that the core ingredients in the original Pink Stuff are relatively inoffensive things like vegetable oil, baking soda, quartz, sodium silicate, and soap.

As it turns out, the abrasive grit from the baking soda and quartz is what makes the paste particularly effective on stuck-on bits in places like those pesky stovetop grates, areas around the sink drain, and stained shower and bathroom tile grout. Just apply it to the spots you need to clean, let it sit for a minute or so, then scrub it off with a scouring pad or the rougher side of a scrubbing sponge (or, if you're dealing with narrow grout, a firm brush to get into the nitty-gritty).

If you're still struggling with a stubborn section of, say, baked-on grease or shower grime, just apply more of the product and give it some extra elbow grease; tough areas will take a few more passes, but keep at it, and you'll see results. The only thing to be wary of here is glass, finished wood, glazed ceramic, and polished metal surfaces, all of which could potentially get scratched by too much scrubbing with the gritty paste.

For those types of sensitive surfaces, you'd be better off with one of the other products in the Pink Stuff set, like the Miracle Multi-Purpose Cleaner or the Miracle Bathroom Foam Cleaner, which contain a mixture of non-toxic solvents, soaps, and citric acid (but no abrasive compounds). Just spritz, wait a minute for it to start breaking down the dirt or stain in question, then wipe off with a microfiber cloth or paper towel, and voila. You're practically a CleanTok pro, no Gen-Z birthday required.

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