Color Your Lids Cool With the Trendiest Eye Shadow Shades to Wear in Different Regions of the World

Photo: Stocksy/Sergey Filimonov
Whenever your usual makeup routine starts losing its luster, Pinterest—as always—comes in clutch with some much needed #BLOTD inspo. The trendiest way to shake things up, according to the platform? Wearing your native land's preferred eye shadow color.

Pinterest's just-released 2018 Global Beauty Report, which combed through the site's whopping 8 billion beauty ideas across 207 million boards for the buzziest trends, notes particular geographical regions have a certain affinity for different eye shadow hues, from blue to silver and rose gold. So to get in on the color craze of worldwide beauty obsessives, keep scrolling to see how pinners in the United States, Germany, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Australia, respectively, are making their eyes pop.

Sure, this isn't an exhaustive guide to decorating your eyelids, but it's certainly a, er, shade of the whole color profile.

Keep reading for the highest trending eye shadow hues all over the world, according to Pinterest.

According to the report, Americans are partial to purple. Lilac and eggplant looks are up 52 percent this year.

Mossy greens shades are totally double-take-worthy, which is probably why Germany is digging them 53 percent more than last year.

In Mexico, folks are going for a '90s-nostalgia vibe with blue shadow trending 302 percent.

The United Kingdom's choice is decidedly metallic with silver swatches up 334 percent.

To suit their enviably glowy skin, Aussie's prefer to blend rose gold into their upper lid. The color is up 188 percent.

To complete your worldly look, smear on a popsicle-inspired lip stain or a swab of two-in-one eyeliner and mascara.

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