How to Get Superfood-Boosted, Plant-Based Meals—Instantly

You totally would come home and whip up a quinoa bowl with wild mushrooms, vegetable ragu, and homemade vegan walnut parmesan—if there were eight days in the week.

Us too, which is why VYNE life, the plant-based meal delivery service that you can get sent right to your apartment, office, or fave fitness studio, is a total life-saver.

All you have to do is choose from VYNE’s selection of ready-to-eat breakfasts, dinners, and snacks, choose your delivery location (workout spots include AKT and CrossFit Union Square)—so you can knock out your cycling and chickpea fixes all in one place, and dig in.

And because the culinary creations are made with wellness buffs in mind, that means you’ll score all the buzzy superfoods (maca, baobab) and nutrition (the pesto broccoli marinara packs 13 grams of protein) you crave.

Want to try it? VYNE life is offering Well+Good readers 50 percent off your first order with code WELL50. Score!

In partnership with VYNE life

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