Is Your Plate 70 Percent Vegetables? Here’s Why It Should Be, According to a Nutritionist

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There's so much nutrition information floating around now, sometimes it can feel paralyzing simply trying to figure out what to eat for lunch. Been there?

Next time you're stumped, try RASA founder and holistic nutritionist Mia Rigden's golden rule: "I like to recommend that 70 percent of your plate be vegetables," she says. "The more variety and diversity of plant-based foods in your diet, the more nutrition you’re going to get from the food you’re eating."

The 70-percent trick is one of Rigden's go-to pieces of advice for anyone looking to go plant forward (which translates to just eating more fruits and veggies, plain and simple). "Plant-forward eating is certainly less restrictive," Rigden says. "You don’t have to give up any of the foods that you love—just add more vegetables to your plate." Tune in above for all of Rigden's top plant-powered tips.

Watch the video above for three concrete tips to living a plant-forward lifestyle from a holistic nutritionist.

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