The Damage-Repairing Conditioner With a 2,000-Person Waitlist Is Finally Back in Stock

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Every element of your hair-care routine plays a role in preventing and repairing breakage, but none so much as your conditioning step. The whole point of this part of the process is to deliver moisture and nutrients to your strands, two things that are critical for remedying dryness and brittleness. And while most conditioners on the market deliver at least some sort of damage repair—it is their job, after all—arguably, Playa Supernatural Conditioner ($28) does the best job.

What makes this particular conditioner stand out from its shelf mates is the fact that the worse off your hair is, the harder it works. It's formulated with an ingredient called Baobab protein, which fills in the tiny cracks that form when hair is damaged. The more cracks there are, the more nutrients your strands will get, and the result is smoother, healthier hair overall. Because the conditioner effectively seals the cuticle, it also helps to diminish the appearance of split ends, and even adds a layer of protection against heat styling, too.

Plus, its list of natural ingredients is devoid of the things stylists recommend keeping out of your conditioning routine: silicones and dimethicones. "They're usually used in less expensive conditioners as they trick the consumer into thinking their hair is soft and healthy because they add shine; however, these ingredients are artificial and not good for the hair," says celebrity hairstylist Michelle Cleveland, who suggests staying away from them for this reason.

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Instead, look for products made with natural oils, like jojoba, coconut, or argan. But keep in mind that, if you have fine or thinning hair, too much of these oils can "weigh it down and create a dull, greasy, and lifeless look," Cleveland says. So, be sure to use a light touch when applying, which is good news as the product is popular enough to have racked up a 2,000-person waitlist at one point.

Fortunately, the brand's since restocked its supply, making it possible to still get your hands on a bottle and experience its hair transforming magic for yourself.

Want to hack your hairstyling routine based on your texture? Check out the video below.

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