Thinx Just Revamped and Extended Its Size Offerings To Ensure a Better, More Absorbent Fit for All

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When wearing period-absorbent underwear, you'd like to assume that a proper fit is guaranteed. Otherwise, how could it do its one and only job to absorb? Well, when Thinx first extended its size offerings to include up to 3XL in 2015, customers complained that the new larger sizes led to disproportionate leakage. The company took note and spent several years redesigning its product to offer a better fit and leak protection for all bodies; today it relaunched its full line, including its plus-size styles that take varying proportions into account.

“We’ve really taken the time to listen and put in the work to make sure our new line fits properly and addresses the feedback we received in the past,” said Maria Molland, Thinx Inc., CEO in a press release. Previously, Thinx "fit each style on a size medium fit model, then graded the panties up to the 3XL in a consistent manner," says Courtney Newman, director of product design at Thinx. For the relaunched line including new sizes for the brand, "we spent two years testing the fit on our 2X model and doing wearer trials across the entire size range" to better accommodate all bodies, she adds.

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  • Courtney Newman, Courtney Newman is the director of product design at period underwear brand Thinx.

To clarify Thinx's sizing previously started at an XXS and went to a 3XL. Now, every Thinx piece is available in at least 10 sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, X, 1X, 2X, 3X, and 4X. The difference between an XL and an X, Newman says, has to do with proportions.

"We worked hard to ensure that there was enough coverage through the seat so that our panties would not ride up," Newman says. "We also accounted for a more generous proportion in the waist, hips, and legs. Additionally, our plus-size styles use a higher-modulus waistband elastic to prevent rolling. Finally, and most importantly, our plus-size gussets have plenty of extra surface area to guarantee optimal performance."

Shop some of the Thinx styles that are now available in more inclusive sizes below and head to to shop the full line.

6 of Thinx's period underwear and loungewear options in new-and-improved sizes

plus size thinx
Cheeky — $30.00

Great for your lightest or in-between days of spotting, the cheeky underwear holds 1.8 teaspoons of liquid, which is equivalent to about one regular tampon, or one and a half panty liner’s worth, according to the site.

Air Bikini — $32.00

Thinx Air Undies are designed to feel super lightweight. The Air Bikini has light absorbency, holding just under 4 teaspoons of liquid. That’s the same as two regular tampons or three panty liners.

Sleep Shorts — $50.00

The Sleep Shorts have a built-in pair of super absorbency underwear, meaning they hold up to 9 teaspoons of liquid. That’s about two and a half regular pads or seven and a half regular panty liner’s worth.

plus-size Thinx
Sport — $32.00

The Sport underwear is designed in a comfy, workout-friendly fit with moderate absorbency. It holds up to 5.5 teaspoons of blood, the equivalent of three regular tampons or one and a half regular pads.

Leggings — $95.00

Stay active with these leggings, which are great for moderate flow days. They hold 5.5 teaspoons worth of liquid, the equivalent of one and a half regular pads or about one menstrual cup. Bonus: There’s a front pocket designed to hold a small heating pad.

Hi-Waist — $38.00

The Hi-Waist undies have heavy absorbency, holding up to 7.3 teaspoons of liquid. That’s four regular tampons or just over one menstrual cup worth.

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