5 Places to Get a Legit Pole Dancing Workout in Houston

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Even when your city is flush with fitness options for spin, yoga, and even stretching, boutique pole dancing classes are usually more difficult to pin down.

But it's worth putting in the extra work to find one because a pole dancing class can be a transformative form of exercise in more ways than one. Physically, it'll help strengthen your total body—especially your core, arms, and back. Plus, many fitness studios and pole dancing devotees also champion the modality for its confidence-boosting side effects.

And as the boutique fitness bubble expands to more places than New York City and Los Angeles, it's becoming easier to find pole dancing classes in other places, like Houston, Texas for example. Below are five studios in H-Town to take pole dancing classes—just don't forget your sports bra and bike shorts.

1. Verticality Fitness

This Houston workout studio specializes in all types of pole fitness workouts. There are over 30 workout options that range from beginner to open-level or advanced technique. They also cover a diverse range of pole and pole-related workouts from beginner spin pole classes to Pollet (a combo of pole dancing and ballet).

554 Waugh Drive, Houston, Texas 77019; (713) 677-0100

2. Dance House Fitness

Dance House Fitness is one of the only options with more than one location in Houston. The classes are split into two different types—ones that are cardio and sweat focused and those that are choreography focused.

1839 Richmond Ave., Houston, Texas 77098;  (281) 793-3227

246 W. 19th St., Houston, Texas 77008; (281) 793-3227

3. Twisted Fit

At Twisted Fit you can take a straightforward pole fitness class, but if you're feeling more adventurous, the studio also offers a range of other classes both pole and non-pole related, including yoga and boot camps.

318 Main St., Spring, Texas 77373; (832) 515-9403

4. Axis

Axis offers the most options when it comes to pole dancing classes: beginner pole, pole fit, pole fluidity, elite series, and master series. They also offer Lyra, silk, and Cirque classes in case you want to test out a different type of aerial technique.

20220 Hempstead Road, Houston, Texas 77065; (713) 408-4723

5. Inner Me Studios

Inner Me is a great place if you're the type of person who needs variation in their workouts. In addition to pole dancing workouts, you can rotate through workouts including Zumba, cardio boxing, and spin classes.

617 Richmond Ave., Houston, Texas 77006; (713) 533-1455

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