Ready Your Stockpot for the Most Popular Soup Recipe on Pinterest

Photo: Stocksy/Mariela Naplatanova
Now that fall is in the air (and in your coffee cup), it's time to stash away your trusty blender to make room for the stockpot (or slow cooker). But stop yourself from combing through the infinite pages of the World Wide Web to find recipes for the coziest soups and stews in which to dip your still-steaming loaf of super-bread. Rather, skip to the Pinterest finish line with a creamy vegan find: roasted butternut squash, the most-popular fall soup recipe on the whole platform.

According to the social network, which is chock-full of ideas for living your best DIY life, the bowl that's been saved 133 thousand times is one that's filled to the brim with the orange-hued goodness, crafted by the food blogger behind Ahead of Thyme. The dish calls for 12 ingredients, including roasted butternut squash, carrots, celery, and onions, as well as apropos-for-autumn herbs like sage, thyme, and rosemary. After roasting the veggies for an hour, simply pop the ingredients into a food processor and, ta-da, dinner is served.

In second place (but not so close), a recipe for Italian chicken veggies soup comes in at 65 thousand saves—AKA, still a lot of bowls of fall coziness. Even though the protein-packed second fiddle has so far earned less than half the amount of Pinterest love, it's still loaded with nutrient-dense ingredients like parsnips, potatoes, and even (yep) butternut squash.

So if your favorite online destination for recipe inspo is any indication, it looks like this fall's biggest liquid-eats trend can be summed up in just three words: all the veggies.

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