Pottery Barn’s New Collection Is Totally Dedicated to Your Cozy (Okay, Tiny) Home

Photo: Instagram/@pbapartment
Figuring out how to make the most of the shoebox that doubles as your apartment is a big part of being an urban millennial (as is being obsessed with a certain shade of pink or constantly feeling stressed). But there's only so much you can shove underneath your bed (which probably isn't king size, let alone the hygge holy grail of double king size) before you have to admit defeat or desperately attempt to Marie Kondo–ify your home to keep clutter from…cluttering your mind. And while the Finnish have figured out the kitchen game, Pottery Barn's new line, aptly named PB Apartment, is attempting to tackle the rest of your space limitations.

The new goods are conveniently organized by room on the site and offer ideas on how to better organize all your junk (I mean stuff!) Think: hanging wall organizers and bed frames with built-in storage. And by clearing up some surface area and floor space, you'll finally be able to get (and keep alive) those plants you've been eyeing on Instagram.

Check out the new space-saving collection below.

Improve your space this year by turning your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary and reclaiming the space in your home to feel empowered.  

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