‘I’m a Celebrity Makeup Artist, and These Are the 3 Best Powder Foundations That Actually Get the Job Done’

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Questioning whether you should swap out your liquid foundation for a powder foundation? If you veer on the oily side, or just want a foundation that’s ultra easy to apply (*raises hand*), celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg says yes. Greenberg’s clientele includes Tracee Ellis Ross, Rashida Jones, and Kristen Stewart, so believe us, she’s a trusted source.

While liquid foundation can be tricky to match to your skin tone and requires some serious blending, powder foundation, which can come loose or pressed, is pretty much effortless. Plus, says Greenberg, “A powder foundation is easy to control and customize.” A brush will give you lighter everyday coverage, while a sponge or puff will offer a more full-coverage, even-toned, “what zits?” look.

Experts In This Article
  • Jamie Greenberg, Los Angeles-based makeup artist and founder of Jamie Makeup

Here, Greenberg reveals the three best powder foundations that she reaches for most often. We’re betting you’ll love them too.

The best MUA-approved powder foundations

bareminerals powder foundation
bareMinerals Original Loose Powder Foundation SPF 15 — $33.00

“bareMinerals is the [original],” says Greenberg. She even credits this fan favorite powder as one of the reasons she started a career in makeup. “The system works and has many finishes.” (Thirty of them, so you’re bound to find a match for your skin tone.) It’s lightweight, and provides sheer-to-full coverage with just five clean, vegan ingredients that promise not to clog your pore, cause breakouts, or settle into fine lines. Senior commerce editor, Gina Vaynshteyn, also swears by bareMinerals’ new BAREPRO 16-Hour Skin-Perfecting powder foundation ($35), especially if you’re looking for complete coverage. It took her maybe 10 seconds to apply, and the formula really did last 16+ hours.

mac powder
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish — $38.00

“It’s like a tinted moisturizer finish in a powder,” says Greenberg, of this MAC powder foundation. If you’re looking for sheer coverage with a natural finish, this is the one for you. For light makeup days, you could even use it as a highlighter instead of an all-over foundation. Either way, it’ll leave you with a luminous, radiant look and velvety feel—nothing heavy or cake-y.

Younique Touch Complexion + Pressed Powder Foundation — $40.00

Greenberg raves about this powder foundation’s silky texture and super natural look. “It provides a flawless, non-cakey matte finish that wears beautifully throughout the day,” Greenberg says. Feel confident from your morning meeting to a late-night dinner date knowing it’ll last 12 hours, no touch-ups required. Plus, no matter your complexion, there’s one for you: this pressed powder comes in 25 shades, so it’s easy to find your perfect match.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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