Costco’s Pre-Prepped Spaghetti Squash Makes Dinner Plans Easy, Affordable, and Keto-Friendly

Photo: Stocksy/Leah Flores
Still debating whether you should get a Costco membership in order to bask in the glory of the store's huge range of offerings (and, you know, those raved-about acai bowls)? Well, one healthy find might sway you to take the bulk-buying plunge. It turns out that the members-only warehouse is now selling pre-prepped spaghetti squash...and it only costs $5 per case.

Instagram user @addictedtoketo originally spotted A La Carte's Organic Spaghetti Squash in her Oahu, Hawaii, store, PopSugar reports. A single box comes with six meals that are already scooped, scraped, and ready to bake—which, if you think about it, means six easy, fuss-free dinners that come down to about 83 cents each. (And, just an FYI: On extra lazy nights, they can be ready in six minutes in the microwave. Score!)

Aside from this box of healthy dinner options being crazy-affordable and time-saving, it's also keto-friendly. Since the low-carb diet doesn't allow for regular pasta, this fiber-rich option will help you feel satisfied sans real noodles. Just add your favorite sauce—or stuff it, Mexican-style!—and you're good to go.

The next time you're at Costco, keep your eyes open for the almost too-good-to-be-true dinner option—and don't feel weird about walking out with an overflowing cart. The store offers delivery for a reason, after all.

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