Pressed Juicery Is Expanding in NYC—and Beyond

Photo: Pressed Juicery
With dozens of locations in California, Pressed Juicery is a major force on the West Coast. But now, it's taking over the East Coast too. The juice bar known for its flavors like Matcha & Hemp and Brazil Nut just opened a sixth New York City outpost this week. Located in the heart of Soho at 103 Mercer Street, it's a slightly bigger home than the kiosks at Condé Nast or in the Columbus Circle Turnstyle.

The new opening is just one part of the roughly dozen new stores around the country that are opening this year, (six of which will be in New York City). That's more buzz for the brand with cool-kid quota (twinnovators Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are investors in the juice fave).

On the West Coast, Pressed operates out of many kiosks and bite-size juice boutiques, which suits Manhattan's real estate challenges. “Small details will play into the personality of the specific neighborhood of each location, but all stores will continue to have the look and feel that Pressed Juicery was built upon,” CEO and co-founder Hayden Slater tells us. “We believe the stores don’t belong to us, but rather to the communities they are a part of. We love to collaborate and work with the neighborhood as much as possible.”

Photo: Pressed Juicery

On a tiny island where juice bars have become as popular as pigeons and dollar pizza slices, why does NYC need more? “Our juices are competitively priced at $6.50, making them an affordable and convenient, nutrient-rich option,” says Slater.

Another reason for East Coasters to get excited: The brand is also bringing Freeze, their version of soft serve to their stores. The gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan soft-serve is made from the same ingredients as Pressed’s juices—no chemicals and no added sugars. (Though, like the juices, they’re also not 100 percent organic, hence the more affordable fare.)

Besides adding locations in existing markets (New York, California, Nevada, and New Jersey), Pressed is expanding to new markets like Hawaii, Seattle, and other East Coast cities. “Our goal is to make high nutrition a realistic option for all people,” Slater says. We’ll drink (our fruits and veggies) to that.

Originally posted February 15, 2016, updated June 8, 2016.

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