This External Pressure Point May Be the Secret To Unlocking Your Next Amazing Orgasm

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There are myriad ways to reach orgasm, whether through a solo session or partnered sex. In search of that euphoric-feeling health-boost—which can both boost your mood and lead to better sleep—people might masturbate using their favorite sex toys or they might explore avenues of self-pleasure without even touching their genitals to help learn what turns them on most. Needless to say, there are a number of ways to help yourself achieve the big O partnered or alone, and one definitely worth trying is the external pressure point for orgasm.

Essentially, pressing down on a specific spot on the lower belly may improve orgasm, thanks to the internal erogenous zones in that region for folks of all sexes, says sexologist Carol Queen, PhD. “Pressure on or below the bladder can feel erotic for some people. It is, indeed, partly because the G-spot is wrapped right around the urethra, below the bottom part of the bladder,” says Dr. Queen. “That is also where the prostate in penis-havers is located, so [they] might like the sensation as well.”

"Pressure on or below the bladder can feel erotic for some people…because the G-spot is wrapped right around the urethra, below the bottom part of the bladder.” —sexologist Carol Queen, PhD

This external pressure point for orgasm works for all people, Dr. Queen says, because “the G-spot and prostate are homologous, meaning they derive from the same tissue—regardless of the person's gender and bodily configuration—so the neurology works similarly.” Essentially, it just plain feels good, because that tissue is more sensitive than other parts of the body.

Another reason this pressure point for orgasm might be pleasurable, says Dr. Queen, is because “the internal legs of the clitoris or penis are below [your belly], too. And for some people, this pressure might also activate that part of the pleasure system.” Dr. Queen adds that pressing down on someone’s lower belly will manually move those internal legs of the clitoris or penis closer to their genitalia “so more of the pleasure anatomy might be stimulated.”

However, before you go pressing on someone else's lower abdomen to make use of this pressure point for orgasm, it’s important to remember that consent is the cornerstone of any healthy sexual interaction. This tactic isn’t universally appreciated, which is why Dr. Queen suggests checking in with your sexual partner before trying it on them.

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That said, you may be wondering why wouldn't someone enjoy the shortcut to orgasm. To this, Dr. Queen says some people might not be into it at any given time because they have to pee (“it might feel uncomfortable,” she says), body image concerns, and general sensory differences.

Furthermore, we all have different likes and dislikes when it comes to sex. What you like on one day might differ from what you’re into the next. For instance, even if you've tried using this external pressure point for orgasm before and liked it, it doesn’t necessarily mean you'll always like it.

But, as long as all parties involved are aware, willing, and safe, it’s definitely worth it to consider activating the external pressure point for orgasm. At worst, you’ll find out that this is something you’re not particularly into. At best, you'll have a new tool for your orgasm arsenal.

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