8 of the Best Fitness Tracker Deals You Can Score This Amazon Prime Day

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My fitness tracker is—and always has been—my iPhone. But I've quickly realized that it's not really meant for tracking everything. So it leaves me blind as far as what my heart rate is when I go on an impromptu run with my dog or decide to take a dip and swim. (Not to mention all of the steps I'm not tracking in a fitness class because who's holding their phone through that?)

Now, I refuse to rely on that thing. I'm upping my step-counting (and heart rate-monitoring, and sleep-tracking) game by investing in a fitness tracker. And Amazon Prime Day—AKA the Christmas of the internet—is here to solve my problem, because now I can buy one with the price tag seriously slashed.

Below, you'll find the very best deals on Amazon, which include everything from FitBit staples to the best-selling trackers that the site has to offer. You can even find one as low as 17 bucks, which is like, way less than a fitness class. Keep scrolling for the eight Amazon Prime Day fitness tracker steals to stock up on.



LETSCOM Fitness Tracker, $22

This sleek band is waterproof, and tracks everything from your heart rate, steps, and sleep quality... and it's the cheapest I've ever seen.

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MoreFit Fitness Tracker Smart Watch, $26

A high definition screen lets you count your steps (and all the other basics), and you can choose from six chic colors. Personally, I'm going for this pink.

Photo: Fitbit

FitBit Inspire, $50

Save about 20 bucks on FitBit's sleeker model, the Inspire—which does all the basics, like track your entire day's worth activity, calories burned, and various workouts from biking to swimming.

Photo: FitBit

FitBit Alta HR (black), $80

Another FitBit's slashed its prices with Prime Day: the Alta HR, which is known for tracking everything and giving you friendly reminders to keep on movin'.

Photo: Apirka

Apirka Fitness Tracker HR, $26

Get 10 dollars off one of Amazon's best-selling fitness trackers, the Apirka. It's got all the foundational tracking capabilities, can sync up with your phone, offers a color screen (which is fun).

Photo: Lintelek

Lintelek Fitness Tracker, $24

You can view all your movements (and sleep!) with an easy-to-read color map that tracks and organizes all of your data. Bonus points for having a built-in charger so you don't have to worry about losing the wire (which is my hobby).

Photo: BingoFit

BingoFit Epic Fitness Tracker Smart Watch, $30

This is more of an advanced tracker-watch hybrid—it tracks your heart rate and blood oxygen levels so that you know how to take your workouts to the next level.  It'll also give you call and text message alerts... all for 30 bucks.

Photo: MeBuyz

MeBuyz Fitness Tracker, $17

Yet another fitness tracker steal, and this one's got 14 different exercise modes so you can make sure all of your activities are counted. You can even record a workout map of where you've hit your steps.

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