Public Goods Just Launched Its First Skin-Care Line With a 2K Person Waitlist—And Everything Is Under $15

Photo: Public Goods
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Nothing gets us more jazzed than a skin-care launch, especially when it comes from one of our favorite brands. A few weeks back, Corpus blew our minds with its new line of botanical-infused body washes that left our skin silky soft. Covergirl also impressed us with its affordable, high-quality skin-care line that our faces practically gulped up. Now? We're swooning over Public Goods' brand new line of natural skin-care products—all $15 or less.

Yesterday, the sustainable lifestyle brand made its debut into skin care with a six-piece system that really works. After racking up a waitlist of more than 2,000 eager beavers, Public Goods unveiled its official Skin Care System, available online for no more than $15 a pop. Like the rest of the brand's good-for-you-and-the-planet-products, everything in the line is formulated using science-backed, natural ingredients. That way—as the launch's campaign suggests—"Skin has nothing to hide."

As for the system itself, it has all the essentials needed to create a well-rounded skin-care routine. There's a cleanser and vitamin C serum to start the day, a facial mist for mid-day refreshment, and a night creme, so skin can rejuvenate overnight. There's also a dreamy eye cream infused with caffeine and peptides to "wake up" the skin and de-puff under-eye bags, as well as a detox clay mask that's powerful on impurities. Again, everything is made with clean ingredients free from any parabens, phthlates, or other harsh chemicals. It's vegan, cruelty-free, and about as good as it gets.

The wait is over—Public Goods' skin care is finally here. See what the fuss is about and shop the system, below.

Check out Public Goods new skin care below

Creme Cleanser — $10.00

Milky and ridiculously gentle, this creamy cleanser washes dirt and grime away in a luscious lather. Star ingredients include kaolin clay to suck out dirt and grime, and sodium cocoyl isethionate, a cleanser made from coconut oil.

Facial Mist — $15.00

Toss this miracle mist in your bag for on-the-go hydration in a pinch. It’s made with dreamy rose and jasmine essential water—that’s it. There’s no alcohol, no fragrances, no dyes—only the goods to hydrate and soothe skin.

Vitamin C Serum — $13.00

There are 13 ingredients in this serum—a dollar for every ingredient. Everything is plant-derived and proven to lighten and brighten the skin while giving it a bit of plump when you need it most. Rub some in after you cleanse and let it go to work.

Eye Cream — $12.00

Eyes feeling puffy? This cream can help. Each batch is formulated using caffeine, peptides, and hyaluronic acid (aka, everything you need to soothe puffiness while brightening at the same time). For $12, it’s worth adding a few to your cart.

Night Moisturizer — $15.00

You and your skin will sleep soundly in this heavenly night cream. Its light-but-powerful formula nourishes skin as you snooze, using ingredients like aloe, hyaluronic acid, and retinal, or vitamin A, to transform skin on a cellular level. That way, your face wakes up refreshed.

Clay Mask — $15.00

And finally, there’s this powerful clay mask to layer on when things need a reset. Between the two different types of clays, charcoal, acai, and other ingredients, it’s a total game-changer for de-gunking pores without stripping the skin.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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