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Reaching for the Lube Has Never Been Easier With This State-of-the-Art Warming Dispenser

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Picture this: Things are getting ~hot and heavy~ with your partner. The mood is right, you're feeling sexy. You're ready to cut to the action, when you go to grab your trusty personal lubricant and... it's not there. Now, you have to hit pause on your steamy, sultry, sexy time: "Didn't I leave that bottle on the nightstand?";"Maybe it rolled under the bed?";"Oh, there it is... Hang on, just have to dig it out from behind the bedside table...," etc. You get the idea.

Long story short, we've all been there—those pesky bottles seem to slip (lol) out of sight all the time. Annoyance aside, nothing can kill a mood quicker than not being able to found your favorite lube. In the heated throes of passion, the last thing you want to do is ask your partner to, "Hold, please" while you wait to scrape it out from behind the headboard, or worse, go to squirt a bottle that was emptied after your last solo sesh.

That's why the next time you reach for the lube, it should be out of something that can't roll off your nightstand. Something like the Pulse Warming Lube Dispenser ($199), a state-of-the-art device that doesn't let you skip a beat when things are about to get down and dirty.


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Pulse, Lube and Massage Oil Warming Dispenser — $199.00

This hands-free device is the lube upgrade you didn’t know you needed.

This chic dispenser is the definition of hi-luxe. For all intents and purposes, think of it like a hand sanitizer dispenser for your pleasure. It's hands-free, designed to allocate the perfect amount of pre-warmed personal lubricant with the wave of a hand. That way, there's no fumbling around the lid or chasing a stray bottle before it rolls under the bed. It's about as effortless as you can get, never putting "the mood" at stake.

Here's how it works: Each Pulse lube dispenser comes with four sealed, TSA-friendly lube pods in the brand's aloe and water-based formulations. On top of the device is a button that lifts a discreet door—this is where the pods go. Simply insert the pod, push the door back down, and bingo–you've got yourself a lube dispenser that doubles as bedroom decor.

Convenience aside, the sleek machine is a game-changer for pleasure. For starters, it warms lubes and massage oils in 45-90 seconds, so there's no more flinching or cringing at cold, wet stuff.

As for the lubes themselves? They're dreamy, too. There's the Aloe-ahh, which is infused with aloe and vitamin E for slick, silky goodness, the H2Oh, which is completely water-based and never goopy or sticky, and the Spoil Me massage oil, which is made using six different plant-based oils that give achy muscles instant relief. All can be purchased separately in packs of six for $30 each.

Now, it is a little expensive–$199 for a device is certainly not cheap. However, when you think about all the times you've had to hit pause on the heat of the moment to find your lube, it's worth its weight in gold. The Pulse sits neatly on your nightstand, taking up little space while looking as aesthetically pleasing as, say, an alarm clock or a white noise machine. Between its clean design, overall convenience, and ready-for-action, premium lube, keeping one in the bedroom is a no-brainer.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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