Found! the State That Loves Pumpkin Spice Lattes the Most

Photo: Starbucks
Even though temperatures around the country are still firmly in the "OMG I'm sweating so much" zone, Starbucks is set on making fall happen: This week, the chain officially brought pumpkin spice lattes back. Too soon, you may be wondering? Well, maybe not, depending on where you live.

Food site The Daring Kitchen turned to Twitter to gage the PSL reaction and found that many people across the country were excitedly placing their orders. By using geotagging Twitter data and tracking PSL love through popular hashtags, their researchers created a heat map showing where the beloved seasonal drink was trending the most.

Graphic: The Daring Kitchen

The state with the most hardcore PSL love: Tennessee. Actually, pumpkin spice lattes accounted for 41 percent of all conversation on Twitter the day the drink was re-released in that state. Sliding in right under The Volunteer State are West Virginia, Washington, Oregon, and Indiana.

Based on this map, Florida, Alaska, Hawaii, and New Jersey are among the places that aren't quite ready to make that transition to fall just yet. Well, those frapps are hard to give up...

ICYMI, Starbucks just came out with a new protein drink. And you know about their secret healthy drink menu, right?

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