Get the Purple Mattress Everyone Loves $600 Off During the Brand’s Black Friday Event

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"How to fall asleep" gets approximately 50,000 searches on Google every month (and "how to fall asleep fast" gets a whopping 110,000). We'll get right to it: A lot of us in the U.S. don't get enough sleep, and we're on a never ending journey to find a solution. One of those solutions is getting a high-quality mattress that'll give you the best shot at sleep—and luckily for you, one of the most beloved DTC mattresses are on sale for Black Friday: Purple is offering $600 off the mattress that made them famous—plus other sleep accessories (pillows, pajamas, seat cushions, and more).

What makes Purple so popular is its non-memory foam technology. Its cushioning is a type of hyper-elastic polymer that is in the form of a grid. As you lay on it, it's supposed to relieve pressure and support your body's natural alignment. Plus, it's also cooling and breathable—good news for hot sleepers.

Below, we've put together a list on some of the noteworthy items up for grabs for you to check out during the retailer's Black Friday event. Cheers to all those hours of sleep you're going to get!

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Purple Mattress, Full — $999.00

Originally $1099, now $999

When it comes to game-changers, this is the mattress that put Purple on the map. What makes it so comfortable is the two inches of special GelFlex Grid, which is made to reduce pressure around your hips and shoulders, and keep your body properly aligned as you sleep. Right now, you can save $100 off on any size mattress, including a Cal King for $1,599.

The Purple Harmony Pillow — $143.00

Originally $159, now $143

If you think the Purple Mattress is a sleeper’s dream, then wait until you get your hands on the Harmony Pillow (we reviewed it, and spoiler alert, we love it). Although a bit of an investment, reviewers can’t stop talking about its ability to keep your head and shoulders cool, and ease muscle pain, specifically around the neck. One shopper wrote, “it’s like getting a soft hug all night long, but on your head.” This is in large part because of the cushioning, which is the same gel-like technology that is in the Purple mattresses.


Purple SoftStretch Sheets — $134.00

Originally $149, now $134

Not only are these bedsheets designed to keep you warm, but they’re also tailor-made to optimize your sleep. For example, their super stretchy material easily wraps around your body and adjusts to your movements. Plus, hot sleepers will love the moisture-wicking fabric during the warmer nights. Each set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and one pillowcase.

Level Up Bundle Ultimate Seat Cushion + Back Cushion — $142.00

Originally $168, now $142

If you’re glued to a desk all day, this seat and back cushion set will maximize your bum’s comfort and ease muscle tension along your back side. Both the lumbar cushion and seat rest have the same comfy grid technology that’s in Purple mattresses, which is uniquely designed to contour to your body.

Purple Duvet
Purple Duvet — $116.00

Originally $129, now $116

The best part of this duvet is that you can choose one based on your sleep pattern. For example, the Lightweight Purple Duvet is breathable, yet still cozy. And the All Season Duvet has a heavier fill and is great for bundling up in bed. At the same time, both have polyester packing and cotton covers, and are perfect for snuggle sessions.

Purple pajamas
Sleepy Jones + Purple Pajamas — $81.00

Originally $129, now $81

Bed sheets, but make them stylish pajamas. That’s exactly what these PJs are. Designed together with luxe sleepwear retailer, Sleepy Jones, these long-sleeved pajamas are cut with the same material as Purple’s SoftStretch Sheets. The bamboo fabric is breathable and feels soft against the skin.

Purple Pet Bed — $170.00

Originally $189, now $170

If you want your dog to sleep as well as you do, this Purple Pet Bed may be worth the splurge. It even has one inch of the Purple Grid cushioning to help your dog get the best snooze. And while it’s a comfy throne for your furry friend, the bed also anti-microbial and odor-neutralizing properties to help keep bacteria at bay.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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