There’s a Reason Why Purple Blush Looks So Gorgeous on Deeper Skin Tones, and It All Comes Down to Simple Color Theory

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Purple blush has taken over TikTok as a stunning shade on brown and Black skin. The interest is so strong that two super popular purple shades—Drama Cla$$ from Fenty Beauty and Faith from Rare Beauty—are sold out. The reason this color is particularly pretty on deeper skin tones comes down to simple color theory, explains Emily Amick, a celebrity makeup artist in New York City.

Brown and Black skin have "golden and warm undertones," says Amick, which are essentially yellow and orange. "If you look at a color wheel, purple is right across from those. And anybody who studies art, makeup, or [anything else that involves working with color] knows that opposite colors are complementary. So it completely makes sense. I've always found that jewel tones, berry shades of lipstick, blush, whatever, look stunning on dark-skinned women." (Note that if you have very deep skin with more neutral, blue undertones, purple will still look fab but won't pack the same punch. Instead, look for orange blush since it's blue's complementary color. )

Because purple is naturally a deep color, most products in the shade don't have white pigments in them like many other lighter colors, explains Priyanka Ganjoo, founder of Kulfi Beauty. And those white pigments "look grey on deeper skin," she says, which explains why certain shades of pink may have a dulling effect.

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If trying out purple blush sounds a bit scary, know that you have options that can look more or less bold. Purple blushes with blue undertones will really stand out, while shades with pink or red undertones will be a bit more subtle, so you can pick a blush within the purple spectrum that you're comfortable with. And no matter what shade of purple you pick you can control the intensity with the way to apply it.

"Purple is versatile in its application," says Ganjoo. "A sheer layer of purple blush can be great for everyday use. But unlike most other blush colors, you can really build it up for an editorial, dramatic look that is the highlight of your entire makeup."

Try out purple blush for yourself by getting one of the fab options below.

Kulfi Mehndi Moment Blush in Lucky Lotus — $28.00

“If you’ve been afraid of purple blush till now, try Lucky Lotus,” says Ganjoo. “We designed it to be flattering on all skin tones and you can play up or down the intensity of the formula to find your perfect ‘Mehndi Moment.'” It’s got pink undertones allowing it to be a bit more subtle if you’d like.

Live Tinted Huestick Multistick in Free — $24.00

The Live Tinted Huestick has a demi-matte finish and can be used on the cheeks, lips, and eyes. I love using it to create a monochromatic purple look. It goes on like butter and has strong pink undertones, giving you the closest to a natural flush that you can get from purple.

Half Magic Cheek Fluff in Only Drama — $20.00

This deep purple blush has really gorgeous red undertones and feels like a really intense berry shade. It got a cream-to-matte formula, providing the blendability of a cream with the finish of a matte. It comes in a container that feels like an egg carton and is 100 percent compostable.

Morphe Ultralavender Blush Balm Soft-Focus Cream Blush — $12.00

The lightest of all the purple blushes on this list, Mophe’s Ultralavendar is made with titanium dioxide which is used as a white pigment in makeup. It’s great if you want your purple to have more of a pastel look rather than a jewel tone.

Nudestix Nudies Matte Cream Blush
Nudestix Nudies Matte Cream Blush in Moodie Blu — $35.00

In the shade Moodie Blu, this stick provides the most vibrant, intense purple out of all the shades on this list thanks to strong blue undertones. It has a soft-matte finish and blends into the skin beautifully. It comes with an attached stippling blush for blending, but I prefer using just my fingers or a fluffier blush to work it into my skin.

Beauty Pie Supercheek Cream Blush in French Raspberry — $35.00

In the shade French Raspberry, this blush is perfect if you’re looking for a berry shade that skews more purple than red. It’s packed with cushioning oils to give it a luxe feeling and leave behind a dewy finish.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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