My Boyfriend and I Can’t Stop Fighting Over This Pillow, It’s Just That Good

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When it comes to sleep hygiene, there's not much that my boyfriend and I agree on.

For one, he's a ridiculously hot sleeper who sweats in sub-arctic temperatures, where I seem to freeze on even the hottest summer nights. As for acoustics, I'm only lulled to sleep by loud white noise akin to that of jet engine—he thinks my noise machine a nuisance. Temperature, lighting, the choice of bedsheets—we disagree on almost everything. The one thing we do agree on though, and now, even fight over?! Our Purple Harmony Pillow ($159).

The Purple Harmony Pillow — $159.00

Made of hyper-elastic polymer, this pillow contours with your body and provides ultimate comfort.

By now, you've probably heard of Purple for its line of high-tech, comfortable mattresses. The brand has been a leader in DTC mattress innovation since 2016 when it became a household name for its unique, squishy design. Unlike traditional springs or memory foam, Purple mattresses all feature layers of hyper-elastic polymer laid in a grid to support the contours of the body, relieve pressure points, and maximize airflow. This "Purple Grid technology" was so successful, that the brand expanded into a line equally comfy: household goods. This includes seat cushions, pet beds, and of course, pillows.

While I have yet to sleep on a Purple mattress, the Harmony Pillow has convinced me that laying my body on anything besides the Purple Grid would be in vain. This pillow is seriously dreamy—so much so that it's causing two very different sleepers to fight over it every single night before they go to bed.

Why are we so territorial about this plush pillow? Glad you asked.

Unlike down (my usual preference) which gets baggy and shapeless, or memory foam (my boyfriend's preference) which gets dense and hot, the Purple Harmony is lightweight and breathable, perfectly squishy without ever being stiff or unsupportive. That's because of that proprietary Purple Grid technology, which is layered in a honeycomb pattern around a hypoallergenic latex core for extra cushion. If that sounds too high-tech for you, let me put it this way: It's squishy. Very squishy. But not in way that's too soft or too flexible—it's springy and supportive in all the right places without ever becoming vulnerable to losing its shape.

Even more impressive is its temperature control. Since the core is made of airy polymer and latex materials, it maximizes ventilation, allowing air to circulate through the pillow instead of getting trapped in or on the surface. Each Harmony also comes encased in a breezy, mesh material that keeps sweaty sleepers (aka, my boyfriend) dry no matter how hard they snooze. There's no flipping the pillow to find the cool side, no cranking up the A/C to find some relief—this pillow really is the definition of cool and collected, and stays that way all night long.

The only feature I'd change is its height. The Harmony is available in three different sizes—low (5.5 inches high) medium (6.5 inches high) and tall (7.5 inches high). I received the low, which I thought would be ideal considering I sleep mostly on my stomach and back, however, I do wish it was a smidge higher off the bed. If you like a lower pillow that you can easily crumple up and cuddle with, then get the low—it's perfect for that. Otherwise, aim for the medium, which suits all types of sleepers, or the tall, which will give the biggest boost mid-snooze.

Do yourself a favor and buy the Purple Harmony pillow. If you're partnered, however, do yourself a favor and get two—this will save you the hassle of having to share and will let you keep the sweetest sleep all to yourself.

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