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Americans Are Spending $1 Billion Each Month on Porn—Here Are 4 Quality Sex Sites To Find What Turns You On

Mary Grace Garis

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Call it a pleasure revolution or just pent-up quarantine horniness, but people are spending their money a little differently these days. One way involves trading plane tickets for good vibes only and making masturbation the ultimate act of self-care. The other is investing towards quality sex sites, and spending money on porn; according to research compiled my social media network IsMyGirl, Americans are spending an estimated $1.14 billion on adult entertainment every month.

Okay, my first question about this: "People pay for porn?" But I, the Blanche Devereaux of internet sex writers, have to shake the dust off my Anaïs Nin books whenever I have an erotic voyage. Chances are that I'm the outdated one here. After all, it's worth throwing down the money for the benefit of your orgasm.

That being said, not every sex site is particularly empowering, inclusive, imaginative, or based in reality. So we cobbled together a few friendly resources that'll help you find what exactly turns you on. And it's probably worth saying, everything below is very NSFW... unless you have my job or you're working from home, in which case, click away!

These quality sex sites will help you find out what you like

1. Make Love Not Porn

Sexologist and Bloomi founder Rebecca Alvarez Story recommends Make Love Not Porn, "an ethical porn site with realistic sex scenes," so we're talking real people, real experiences. Signing up is free and members only, and before you get skittish, you don't actually have to make porn to see porn. Like, it's more than cool to be a voyeur, it isn't a literal tit for tat thing. What you'll get when you sign in is access to is truly authentic sexual experiences, helpfully bundled by category.

I for one, am very charmed that there's a MakeAlfrescoLove session that features "lush waterfalls to desert canyons, tropical beaches to breathtaking mountain views." Wow, perfect for satiating lust and wanderlust in one full swing.

2. Bellesa

"Bellesa, founded by Michelle Shnaidman, includes videos where women are portrayed in a way that centers the control of their own sexual experiences as opposed to being there as an accessory of the man’s needs," says says Tatyannah King, a sex educator and sex coach with Blex Technologies.

The site features not only HD-quality videos, but a helpful sex education section that covers everything from masturbation tips for vulva-owners to different micro ways we slut shame. Oh, and they have a sex toy shop with a Find Your Vibe quiz to help you seek out your pleasure. Like dinner and a movie, but way, way, way better!

3. Dipsea

We're very pro-Dipsea here at Well+Good, and Story is a big fan as well. Founded by Gina Gutierrez and Faye Keegen, Dipsea is an audio erotica app that also provides sexual wellness sessions. If you like your bedtime stories a little bit dirty — and not just in a Harry Styles' "Dream With Harry" session way — look no further. After a free trial you can choose subscribe to Dipsea for either $4 a month or $5 per month for year. Basically, it's the price of an iced latte, and your iced latte doesn't give you an orgasm (I mean, mine does, but you know what I mean).

4. FrolicMe

"FrolicMe, founded by Anna Richards, embraces erotic imagery that shows genuine chemistry and real intimacy between the people on screen," says King. "I also enjoy that the scenes are shorter and more straight to the point rather than most mainstream porn, but long enough that it shows a realistic visualization of sex."

What's also interesting with FrolicMe is how specially curated it really is. There are films, audio clips, image galleries all ordered by scintillating scenarios. You can sign up on a a per week, per month, single month basis, but getting the one year FrolicMe subscription for $51 is probably the best bang (sorry) for your buck.

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