We Went to Antoni Porowski’s New Restaurant, and the Menu Caters to Basically Every Possible Diet Plan

Photo: Amanda Gaines for Well+Good
Hear ye, hear ye, Queer Eye and healthy-eating fanatics: Your favorite, totally Fab food expert's long-awaited restaurant is open for business starting today. And despite Antoni Porowski's pretty strong obsession with all things avocado on the Emmy-winning Netflix show (I mean, no judgment at all—we're biologically predisposed to love the green smash on toast, after all), the fibrous fruit is hardly the star of the menu at The Village Den, the fast-casual joint in Manhattan's West Village. Rather, when we went to check out the airy, plant-laden eatery for lunch on opening day, it was clear that the salad-slinging spot's central mission is to cater to a heavy handful of popular nutrition plans.

Porowski—who previously told Well+Good that his eating habits include a combo of keto-style, Paleo, and veganism—may well have created the menu with himself in mind, because each offering is adorned with icons noting whether it's Whole30, Paleo, ketogenic, plant-based, vegetarian, dairy, gluten-free, or detox (which seems to superfluously indicate the inclusion of a "detox powder" supplement). For example, a $7 oven-baked frittata impressively boasts six icons—holy health!

Each menu offering is adorned with icons noting whether it's Whole30, Paleo, keto, plant-based, vegetarian, dairy, gluten-free, or detox.

The robust smoothie menu features a variety of the fruit and veggie usual suspects in some inspired concoctions like the Watermelon Spice, which includes, duh, watermelon, coconut water, strawberries, ginger, lemon zest, and mint. More specialized ingredients, like MCT oil, spirulina, and matcha, make an appearance in some cups, and other breakfast items are egg-heavy, but—no surprises here—there is indeed an avocado tartine.

In addition to a variety of salads and grain bowls, the heartier options for lunch and dinner include a high-level riff on the TV dinner—which lets you pick a protein and two sides, like turmeric-roasted cauliflower and citrus fennel slaw. It's served in a cafeteria tray for a #YASSS-worthy display, but the cutesy shtick will cost you a whole lot more than the classic, sodium-packed, from-the-freezer iterations. These designer dishes cost up to $21 for the priciest—fish sticks, which must be the most luxe on the planet, amirite?

And NBD if you can't visit the new spot IRL. Just use the following photos of its health-minded menu as DIY inspo for creating your own nutrient-packed TV dinners to enjoy during your self-care nights in, all hygge season long.

Check out the menu below.

Photo: Celine Cortes for Well+Good

Photo: Celine Cortes for Well+Good

Photo: Celine Cortes for Well+Good

The Village Den, 225 West 12th Street #1, New York, New York 10011, 212-691-0303, thevillageden.com

Can't make it to NYC to have lunch at the Village Den? Porowski is also working on a cookbook that'll let you DIY his culinary delights. And to hold you over before that comes out, here's the recipe for his go-to smoothie.

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