ICYMI: These Gorgeous Cashmere Sweaters Are 50% Less Than You’d Pay Elsewhere

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As soon as the weather dips below 70 degrees, it's officially fair game to bust out the sweaters, blankets, and fuzzy socks. And if you're feeling extra fancy, you throw on your best cashmere. We're not quite there yet (sigh—it's not even mid-August), but those of us who long for fall year-long are already gearing up with our coziest essentials.

Because it's a softer, more durable wool, created by a more labor-intensive process, cashmere can be pricey. Every year, I patiently wait until Black Friday to score a discounted cashmere sweater—except for this year. After discovering the affordable luxury brand Quince, I now get my cashmeres (and silks!) for up to 80 percent off what they'd normally be priced.

Quince has an array of cashmere tops, but my go-to is the Mongolian Shrunken Cashmere Sweater, which I have in three different colors—and I'm likely going to buy three more this year.

quince cashmere tee
Mongolian Cashmere Tee — $45.00

Sizes available: XS-XL

Not ready to switch to sweaters? This Mongolian cashmere tee is a nice compromise—it’s still supremely soft, yet has short sleeves and a form-fitting design you can easily wear with a pair of jeans, or dress it up with a skirt (or your favorite shorts!). This is my “I need to look nice” go-to for Zoom calls, and I have it in ivory—but now it comes in 12 other gorgeous colors, so you really can take your pick.

Colors: 13

mongolian cashmere half zip
Mongolian Cashmere Full-Zip Hoodie — $110.00

Sizes available: S-XL

My husband wouldn’t stop commenting how soft my Quince sweaters and tops were, so I got him a cashmere hoodie of his own, and it’s the only thing he wears when we crank up the A/C (but he wore it all winter and spring long). Small—but luxurious-looking and feeling—features like the nickel finish zipper and metal drawstring tips give this hoodie a more ~elevated~ look than your standard cotton hoodie, which is the only warm category of clothing my husband wears. That, and, well, the cashmere.

Colors: 6

Mongolian Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater — $65.00

Sizes available: XS-XL

Lastly: The turtleneck, which has had an undeniable renaissance these last couple years. Probably thanks to fact that it somehow makes you look smarter and more put together—which is why it’s part of my fall and winter work uniform. If I have my cashmere turtleneck and a cup of strong coffee, there’s really nothing that can stand in my way.

Available in seven colors (above is a pretty red-orange called “Ginger”), this cashmere turtleneck is 55 percent less expensive than what you’d likely pay elsewhere.

Colors: 6

Mongolian Shrunken Cashmere Sweatshirt — $60.00

Sizes available: XS-XL

Forty percent cheaper than its competitors, this Mongolian cashmere sweater is fitted to perfection. I like how the fit is cropped right above the waist of my jeans, and the style is versatile: It’s elegant enough to pair with a skirt and boots, but can be casual for nights in (wear it with the cashmere sweatpants for next-level cozy). Made from 100 percent Grade A Mongolian cashmere, this sweater is the softest thing in my possession. It’s durable, too. I have two dogs whose love language is leaving me covered in drool, so I spend like half my day spot-cleaning dog slime, but luckily the material is supremely durable. I can have nice things!!

And if your sweater does need a heftier rinse, just hand-wash and air dry away from direct sunlight (that’s right—no need to take it to get it dry cleaned).

Colors: 12

quince cashmere
Mongolian Cashmere Fisherman Pullover Hoodie — $120.00

Sizes available: XS-XL

Another cashmere sweater from Quince I love is the Mongolian Cashmere Fisherman Pullover Hoodie, which offers an oversized, looser fit that I wear with jeans or leggings. If you were to look up the definition for “cozy” in the dictionary, this sweater would materialize: It’s soft, warm, and when I really feel like blocking out the world, I pull on the hoodie. This one is 56 percent cheaper than what you’d normally be charged.

Colors: 6

Quince's products are always high-quality and made of sustainable materials that are created for durability and style. The brand partners with factories that meet global standards for workplace safety and wage fairness, and they make sure to send your orders in compostable packaging. The reason why we're able to get luxury goods for affordable prices? Quince cuts out the, so-to-speak "middleman" by shipping directly from factories to consumers, and slashes design and corporate overhead costs.

I'm definitely not the only one who's filling up their closet with Quince. The brand's goods tend to sell out quickly, so you better scoop up some sweaters before the first snowfall.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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