These $30 Leggings Are a Dupe for a Best-Selling Lululemon Pair That Costs Triple

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We love a pair of Lululemon leggings as much as the next person—after all, the Canadian brand was one of the pioneers of athleisure. And while they are admittedly pricey, finding a less expensive Lululemon leggings dupe is no easy feat. But Quince Ultra-Soft Performance Legging ($30) makes a compelling case for being one of the best Lululemon leggings dupes out there.  They're made out of material that is buttery soft, thick without feeling bulky, and comparable to bestselling Lululemon Align Pant ($98) for about a third of the price.

Quince is a direct-to-consumer brand of eco-friendly basics with transparent pricing. Right there on the product page, the cost of making the product is broken down for all to see. (This pair of leggings cost them a hair over $25 to make.) These leggings are made from recycled yarn and polyester, are dyed without chemicals, and crafted in a factory that is WRAP-certified in operating in a safe, responsible, ethical way.

This style comes in one color, black—but, really, do you need any other color of leggings? They hit all the marks a great legging should: They're moisture-wicking, quick-drying, antimicrobial, and, importantly, extremely comfortable. The minimal compression makes these leggings best suited for low-impact activities, like yoga or finally embarking on your composting journey.

While it might seem like fast fashion, one thing about Quince that we really like is that they have pretty high standards. The factories where these leggings are made is WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production), which is a group that "trains and audits production facilities to ensure they are operating in a safe, responsible, and ethical way," according to the brand. And beyond that, the leggings are dyed by bluesign standards which is dedicated to "reducing overall water, energy, and chemical use while putting safety measures in place to help protect workers from exposure to chemicals." So while the best way to be sustainable is to buy for the long haul, making an investment in these leggings is also something you can feel good about. And of course, compost away.

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