This Brand Is My Affordable One-Stop-Shop for All My Basics (Including Washable Silk Camis and Bedsheets)

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Like most things that I impulsively purchase at 1 a.m., I found out about Quince on Instagram. The targeted ad gods know I'm a sucker for budget-friendly basics that look expensive, and sandwiched between a Reel of Tabitha Brown making vegan scrambled eggs and a college pal's pandemic birthday photo dump, I discovered my first Quince find: A simple cashmere T-shirt that I knew would be the cornerstone of my wardrobe.

What started as a quest for "elegant-yet-comfortable basics I can wear on a Zoom call" closet staples became closet staple-staples. Quince started out offering leggings, tops, and sweaters, but quickly expanded its product inventory. You can now shop for bedding, jewelry, rugs, bath mats, and even skin care—all at attainable, affordable prices.

What's Quince?

Quince is a direct-to-consumer clothing (and lifestyle) brand that carries everything from dresses and T-shirts to home goods and jewelry—all with reasonable price tags. What makes Quince stand out from the deluge of budget-friendly basics is that it puts sustainability and quality front and center (and just because the price points are lower doesn't mean this ever impacts quality—ever). Quince mindfully works with factories that offer its employees equitable wages and safe work environments while keeping prices low by cutting out the "middleman" that most traditional supply chains still have in place (i.e. sourcing agents, warehousing, distribution, storefront retail costs, and wholesaling).

Quince has also committed to a more eco-conscious production of goods, making sure to avoid as much water and energy waste as possible, and steering clear of dangerous chemicals. The brand has even implemented 100 percent compostable packaging (including the elimination of single-use plastics).

Is Quince good?

All that good stuff aside, every single one of the Quince products I've tried has been of top-notch quality. Everything I've tested has been constructed with high-quality, long-lasting material, and at hard-to-beat prices. Like, on par with the pricey, ~fancy~ brands that take up equal real estate on your social feed. Plus, the brand has a generous return policy (365-day), so if you decide you don't like something, even months later, you can send it back.

Below are all the Quince goods I've tried, tested, and loved (a special shoutout to their washable silk—I have yet to find a competitor that makes washer-friendly silk apparel so effortless to wear and take care of).


Ultra-Soft Performance Legging — $30.00

The leggings we wrote about a year ago as a Lululemon dupe really are worth the hype—I’ve been wearing them for about two years now, and I can confirm they’re a really nice set of leggings for lounging and low-impact activities. I’d say go for a more compressed fit if you’re looking for a legging that’ll get you through marathon training, or an intense HIIT class—but if you’re looking for a soft, everyday yoga pant, look no further.

Made from a recycled polyester-spandex blend, you get generous 4-way stretch, and a high-rise fit that’s Downward Dog-friendly. Plus, its moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties give you a little bit of leeway after an extra sweaty class (I have 100,000 percent gone to Trader Joe’s to pick up a salad after a hot yoga class, and didn’t feel like I was offending anyone with my drenched ensemble.)

Anyway, I love these leggings. Since they’re only $30, I have three pairs in different colors, but my favorite is the Heather Charcoal. I wear them with the Flowknit Ultra-Soft Performance Cropped Tank ($30), a soft, padded tank that feels like a low-impact sports bra.

Sizes: XS-XL

Colors available: 11

Flowknit Mid-Rise Short — $30.00

4th of July is usually the very last day of “June Gloom” here in Los Angeles. From now until mid-November, Angelenos expect 80-100-degree days that are dry and relentless—and the only solution is to arm yourself with shorts (and hopefully a powerful A/C). These are the perfect “do-it-all” shorts, because I can wear them during the day for work (I work from home), on a long evening stroll with the dogs, on a trip to Trader Joe’s, and if I’m too lazy to change into PJs, I wear them to bed.

They’re made of a soft, stretchy, and durable polyester-spandex blend, and they’re moisture-wicking and quick-drying, so even if you sweat through them, they dry within minutes. (Case in point: I wore them over my swimsuit to the beach right outside the resort while on vacation, and they were dry by the time I got back to my hotel room.) I’ve worn these non-stop so far this summer, and I have no plans to stop—in fact, I’m ordering a few more colors.

While you *can* wear them while working out, I prefer shorts with built-in underwear (or, honestly, bike shorts), because otherwise they’re a bit too loose for most weight room activities, or even stretching.

Sizes: XS-XL

Colors available: 5

Flowknit Ultra-Soft Performance Biker Short — $25.00

It’s early September, which means it’s almost time for Princess Diana uniform season (aka, biker shorts, vintage sweater, sneakers…and maybe an iced PSL in hand, why not!). Another athleisure piece that looks (and feels) way more expensive than it should be, this pair of stretchy, moisture-wicking, anti-odor shorts are another go-to of mine.

You know how some biker shorts are too compressed and feel like they’re squeezing the life out of your thighs? Not these. Like the Performance leggings, these are soft, stretchy, and form-fitting, but they’re not holding everything in. This is definitely not shapewear. With that said, they’re great for your yoga class, hot girl walks, and lounging on the couch catching up on the new dragon-y Game of Thrones show. Bonus? They make your butt look awesome.

Sizes available: XS-XL

Colors available: 6

Mongolian Cashmere Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan Sweater — $140.00

Holy. Softness. This oversized cashmere cardigan is the perfect amount of drape-y I need for that effortless-yet-put-together look I strive for when I truly don’t have the time. It somehow comfort-ifies my outfit while simultaneously making me look more chic. Crafted from 100 percent Grade A Mongolian cashmere, I’d say it’s “medium” level thick (perfect for chilly morning and nights—you’d need to layer up in the winter). I love the fisherman rib detailing—it gives the fabric a higher quality look than your average cardigan. I’ve been wearing it for weeks, and so far? No pilling.

Sizes available: XS-XL

Colors available: 5

Mongolian Cashmere Fisherman Pullover Hoodie — $120.00

For an elevated “I just threw a hoodie on” ensemble, I am head-over-heels in love with this cashmere sweater. Made from 100 percent Mongolian cashmere, the material is impressively soft. The length isn’t super long, but isn’t boxy either—it’s a happy medium that makes it possible to tuck into your high-waist jeans, or show off that booty if you’re wearing leggings. It’s also on the drape-y side, which I love. The arms are nice and long, and when you want to snuggle up, just throw that hoodie over your head. The thickness of the material is equal to the cashmere cardigan (above), so it’s definitely toasty (but you’d want to layer up if you’re braving true winter weather).

Both cashmere options are a perfect indoor option—great for classing up with some jeans, also great for lounging in your sweatpants. You get a bang for your buck either way.

Sizes available: XS-XL

Colors available: 5

quince black dress
Tencel Jersey Tank Maxi Dress — $42.00

First of all, I need to just say: I haven’t felt this confident in a bodycon-style dress in a long time. After literal years of basically living in baggy sweatshirts and sweatpants, the idea of a skin-tight dress doesn’t exactly feel appealing. But the second I slipped this on, I felt comfortable, put together, and pretty fly. The material is this buttery Tencel with a splash of spandex for that ultra stretch (but so stretch that you feel like you’re wearing a nightgown—this dress still has form). The fabric is ultra soft, and pill-resistant, so you can wear it non-stop (and wash and dry it) without the material wearing down and looking shabby.

What gives it that wink of sexiness is the side slit, which is just dramatic enough—it hits mid-thigh (I’m 5’7) so you don’t have to worry about folks seeing your underpants every time you sit down. I recently (in the photo above) dressed it up for a baby shower and wore it with some heeled sandals, but I’ve also worn it with sneakers and sweater for more of a casual ensemble. It’s one of the best, most versatile dresses in my closet.

Sizes available: XS-XL

Colors available: 3

quince cashmere
Men's Mongolian Cashmere Ribbed Crewneck Sweater — $100.00

After my husband complimented my Quince outfits several times, I decided to put him to work and have him test some of the Quince men’s goods. And because I was genuinely curious. I’m here to report the men’s clothing options are just as luxurious, well-fitted, and high-quality as the women’s offerings I’ve tried. My husband tried the Mongolian Cashmere Ribbed Crewneck, which he ordered in the size he always gets (medium), and it fit like it was tailor-made for him.

Warm, yet layerable, this crewneck is ideal for everyday wear as well as fancier occasions, thanks to its leveled-up ribbed texture, which looks more premium. It was worn to a family Thanksgiving dinner and a date night out—yet is still casual enough for a grocery trip. (Feel free to dress it up with a buttoned-up shirt underneath for a scholastic/Wall Street look.) “I feel put together. It’s so soft. I know this will have to get dry-cleaned eventually, but I don’t even care,” he texts me after I asked him for a quick summary. I agree that it’s incredibly soft—I’ve already borrowed it several times.

And you just can’t really beat the price.

Sizes available: S-XL

Colors available: 3

quince hoodie
Mongolian Cashmere Full-Zip Hoodie — $110.00

My SO is a big fan of hoodies (he likes the zip-up option), so I asked him to swap his Hanes cotton zip-up hoodie for this Quince Mongolian Cashmere Full-Zip hoodie—a nice upgrade if you ask me. My husband got it in medium, which is his go-to size, and it fit perfectly—fitted enough to be worn by itself without looking baggy, but stretchy enough to easily layer with a long-sleeve shirt or even another sweater (which is what he did in the above photo).

Made from 100 percent Grade A Mongolian cashmere, this is the luxury hoodie you’ll want in your closet. With small, thoughtful details like a nickel finish front zipper and metal drawcord tips, this sweatshirt is soft to the touch while remaining durable for everyday wear. My husband can’t stop wearing it, and tells me it’s one of the best gifts I’ve gotten him. “I can’t believe how soft it is,” he says.

Sizes available: S-XL

Colors available: 6

Washable Stretch Silk V-Neck Cami — $40.00

The washable silk top has entered the chat. I probably have, like, 20 years worth of outfits to choose from, but that doesn’t stop me from having a quasi-nervous breakdown every time I have to get dressed to go out. Which is why I’ve made a silk cami and jeans my fail-safe “going out” uniform. Even though I have a closet full of dresses and jumpsuits, 9/10 times you will see me at a restaurant or at the movies wearing a silk cami and jeans. It’s just how I roll.

And Quince’s silk camis are *chef’s kiss*. Made with 90 percent mulberry silk and 10 percent spandex, I don’t have to worry about the inevitable stains that’ll end up on this top, because I can (and I have) throw it in the wash when I’m done with it. It’s dressy-feeling, goes with everything, and has adjustable straps (which is really nice, especially if you have smaller or bigger boobs and are tired of ill-fitting tops).

I’ve washed my silk cami fives times now, and it looks like I just bought it. Genius.

Sizes available: XS-XL

Colors available: 6

Washable Stretch Silk Blouse — $60.00

And when I need to put in more effort than a silk cami, I throw on this silk blouse. It’s the top I wear for Zoom calls for which I want to look really smart, dinners with outdoor seating, and other occasions that make me feel like I need to “step up my game.”

The washable silk blouse is made from the same material as the cami, so it’s identically soft and luxurious-feeling, and you can totally toss it in the washer when it’s time. It’s nice and loose-fitting, so I can easily tuck it in my pants, or wear for a flow-y fit.

Sizes available: XS-XL

Colors available: 8

Washable Stretch Silk Wrap Dress — $80.00

I bought this easy, silk wrap dress for my 31st “30th birthday do-over” birthday when I was looking for something I could easily pair with my sparkly Jimmy Choo heels but didn’t cost as much as sparkly Jimmy Choo heels. And luckily I could, because I had to wait weeks until it was finally back in stock. Falling right above the knee (I’m 5’8”), this wrap dress feels like butter when you wear it, and like all of Quince’s silk pieces, you don’t have to stress about ruining it via spaghetti sauce or spilled drink. To top it off, it’s allegedly nourishing for you skin, as it’s silk fabric contains 18 kinds of amino acids.

You can’t tell because I’m wearing my leather jacket with it, but the dress has simple, loose sleeves, and a snap enclosure that ensures you won’t be flashing anyone (unless you wanna). This has been my all-time favorite LBD, but the dress also comes in navy (hopefully Quince will launch more colorful offerings).

Sizes available: XS-XL

Colors available: 2

Mongolian Cashmere Tee — $45.00

My first foray into Quince: I bought the Mongolian Cashmere Tee for myself a couple years ago, and it’s still one of my favorite tops. Normally I say “no thank you” to sweater tees, because I think they’re a confusing concept, but this one is really light, perfectly fluffy, and fits like a dream. It’s made of 100 percent Mongolian cashmere, and has a comfortable, relaxing fit (you can easily tuck it into your pants or wear un-tucked—I’ve done both.) It’s got kind of a ’90s vibe, so I like to wear it with my high waist jeans and boots, but it’s incredibly versatile. Pair it with your skirt, shorts—anything you want.

I wear this top a lot in the fall—it’s great for Los Angeles autumns. When it gets chillier, I opt for my Quince shrunken cashmere sweater ($70), which offers more coverage (but honestly isn’t heavy duty enough for real winter.)

Sizes available: XS-XL

Colors available: 9


Tencel Jersey Fit & Flare Dress — $40.00

The Tencel Jersey Fit & Flare Dress is the latest Quince addition to my closet, and it served me well this summer. Made of a stretchy and soft Tencel-spandex fabric, this dress has no zippers, so you can just throw it on two minutes before you head out the door. Easy, breezy, and beautiful (that scoop neck, though), I’ve either worn it on almost day trip and packed it anywhere I knew would be warm.

Bonus? It has pockets.

Sizes available: XS-XL

Colors available: 4


Home goods

European Linen Duvet Cover Set — $140.00

I’ve tested dozens of bedding brands, and trust me when I say this duvet cover is a legitimate dupe for Citizenry’s pricey linen line. I’ve been using Quince’s linen duvet set all summer long because it’s so breathable (and I run hot at night, yet refuse to sleep without at least seven layers cradling my body) and soft. Plus, I love the colors.

Sizes available: Twin, Full/Queen, King/Cali King

Colors available: 4

Luxe Faux Fur Throw — $90.00

I. Love. This. Throw. It looks so elegant, adding an easy “put togetherness” to my living room ensemble, which is often times cluttered with dog toys and bones (and the occasional lone shoe or slipper one of the dogs drag out for attention-seeking purposes). The faux fur throw is warm (excellent for chilly nights spent on the couch watching movies), and ultra soft (I make sure to bust it out when I have guests over, because it makes couch seating much more comfortable and luxe-feeling). It’s not the *softest* faux fur I’ve ever tried, but for $90, I’m really happy with it, especially since it’s really durable and I’ve already washed it in the machine twice (thanks, dogs) and it still looks as good as new.

The faux fur part is made from an acrylic and polyester material, while the soft, velvet-y back is polyester. I think what makes this look “real” is the fiber tips which are dyed black for more dimension. I got a 50×60 throw for my couch, which is definitely big enough to cover one person, but if you’re looking to cozy up with someone else, I’d recommend the 60×80 (which is $140).

Colors available: 3

Sizes: 50×60, 60×80

quince rug review
Isla Tufted Wool Rug, $150-$1,100

I’m really impressed with the quality of Quince rugs! I’ve been tested the Isla Tufted Wool Rug, which is made from 100 percent durable wool, and hand-tufted by artisans in India, so it looks far less “generic” than something you might get at Rugs USA (no hate toward Rugs USA—Rugs USA is my jam, but they’re pretty cookie-cutter when it comes to designs). The Isla rug is currently hanging out in my bonus room space (which we very much don’t know what to do with quite yet, hence the orange pillows with blue rug—sorry!) It helps tie the room together, and once we figure out a color scheme for the space, I’m confident it’ll look more complete, thanks to the rug.

In terms of material, it’s a nice, thick wool that’s also not hard to maintain. I’ve vacuumed the rug at least a dozen times, and this doesn’t compromise the fabric (although you may get some wool shedding leftover, which is normal—I generally just pick those up after vacuuming). I think if we didn’t have this rug in the bonus room, we’d put it in the bedroom, because it’s a plusher, softer feel that would be nice for when we’re barefoot.

I think for the price, you get a high-quality, luxury-looking rug that really fits in just about anywhere and is versatile enough for any room! Just a note that the padding is *not* included, and you’ll definitely want that!

Colors: 2

Sizes: 3’x5′, 2.5’x7′, 5’x8′, 8’x10′, 9’x12′

Best Quince accessories and shoes

quince bag review
Italian Leather Quilted Crossbody Bag — $131.00

As someone who owns a similar leather quilted-style bag (but Gucci’s), I can confirm that Quince’s has that same luxury Italian leather feel that gives your ensemble a “quiet luxury” edge that’s all the rage on social media in our post-Succession world. The biggest difference is the flashy label (although, “quiet luxury” rules specifically favor hidden labels—just saying) and the golden or silver chain a lot of the quilted leather bags typically come with.

With all that said: Aside from being a luxe dupe, this bag is just very good. I took it with me to a vacation in Mexico, and I used it everywhere to see if I could really test its durability. A 105-degree tour in Yucatan to see ancient Mayan temples? Check. An entire week at the beach and pool? Check. Lugged with me on several airplane rides? Check, check, check. The sunscreen and sand that threatened to wreck this pretty little bag came off/out easily with some Wet Wipes, the leather looking as good as new after my week of heavy-duty testing.

The interior of the bag has a simple layout—one extra pocket (in which I stored my passport and lip balm) along with the “main cabin” that fit my wallet, sunglasses, Kindle, sunscreen, room key, and some pens. The crossbody strap is adjustable, and I liked that it has a zipper enclosure—perfect for safe travels.

Colors: 4

More items we love from Quince

Quince 100% Organic Cotton Tiered Maxi Dress
Quince 100% Organic Cotton Tiered Maxi Dress — $70.00

“Hot girl summer takes on a whole new meaning in New York City, where heat radiates off the pavement and humidity makes it feel like I’m stuck in an oven. Dressing to beat the heat becomes largely a matter of practicality—and in the dog days of summer, I gravitate towards loose garments and avoid anything that clings to my skin. (Bonus points if they’re versatile enough to see me through most warm-weather situations.) Quince’s Tiered Maxi Dress ticks all the boxes: It has a roomy silhouette that permits airflow between the fabric and my skin, and it’s made from breathable cotton that feels pleasantly smooth and resists wrinkles. Details—like the puff sleeves and ruched waist—add some polish, making me look put together without feeling stuffy. So far, it’s seen me through jaunts around the city and backyard barbecues, and it’ll be in heavy rotation for the rest of my hot girl summer.” —Danielle Calma, commerce writer

Sizes: XS-XL

Colors available: 9

Quince Tencel Jersey Wide Leg Jumpsuit
Quince Tencel Jersey Wide Leg Jumpsuit — $50.00

“I don’t like to think about my outfit while I’m wearing it. Meaning: I don’t like clothing that is fussy or uncomfortable to wear, while allowing for plenty of movement—and Quince’s wide-leg jumpsuit meets the criteria. At first glance, I thought it would be restrictive to wear all day long, but the Tencel material is buttery smooth and thin enough to wear in my hotbox of an apartment, but not so much as to reveal the contours of my underwear. Its style also adds to its ease: The relaxed wide-leg silhouette is ripe for doing cartwheels and high kicks (trust me, I’ve tried), and while as comfy as pajamas, I can throw it on when I leave the house, whether for errands or a casual hangout, with minimal effort on my part.” —Calma

Sizes: XS-XL

Colors available: 7

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