This $80 Washable Silk Wrap Dress Is *Finally* Back in Stock

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I really want to be a Silk Person (TM). I feel like silk people are in the same camp as folks who can pull off white tops without spilling coffee on them, and I'm sure they also don't find themselves plucking pet hairs off their jeans in public. Silk is elegant and pretty, but it can be a fussy, high-maintenance material. One drop of marinara sauce and *funeral music*—you're off to the dry cleaner's. Quince's silk wrap dress isn't like that, though.

Washable Stretch Silk Wrap Dress — $80.00

Now that the navy blue is finally back in stock, I’m buying another pair, and I have no regrets. This dress is too good to have only one.

Let me rewind. I wanted something special for my birthday dinner back in June. A dress that looked thoughtful but felt effortless; one that was fun but dressy. The idea of a soft, silky dress called to me, so I started digitally window shopping. Clicking through all the silks, I closed out of the tabs without even taking out my credit card. Until one day (okay, literally the next day), the internet decided to solve all my problems and served me a Quince silk wrap dress ad on Instagram.

Quince's silk wrap dress is machine-washable and made of a sustainable, eco-friendly mulberry silk at that. It comes in a moody navy that I desperately wanted approximately .3 seconds after seeing it, and a classic black, which was also stunning and would go with like 85 percent of my wardrobe. But after trying to select my size in the navy—my first choice—I realized it was totally sold out across the board. I gave my email address as an offering—Quince would notify me when the dress was back in stock. I waited, and then waited some more, and then caved and bought the dress in black.

Spoiler alert: It fit perfectly and checked off all the boxes for a birthday dress. It was easy to wear and adjust, and I felt like I was wearing butter. Featuring a V-neckline and loose sleeves, I also liked the slightly bunched-up effect the tie had, as though the dress decided against taking itself too seriously, silk or not. I wore it with gold sandal heels and felt beautiful. Since, I've worn the dress with flip flops, sneakers, and boots—and have washed it several times. It's still in great shape.

Aside from how nice the dress made me feel, I also appreciate that Quince's products are always made of high-quality and sustainable materials that are actually designed to last. The company partners with factories that meet global standards for workplace safety and wage fairness, and they make sure to package their goods in an eco-friendly way (meaning they're totally compostable).

Quince is now one of my go-to places to shop. I have several pieces, like this cashmere tee that I can't get enough of, these leggings that are softer than a baby's cheek, and this pair of earrings that I never take off. So, yeah. I said yes to the silk dress—and then some. But try not to wait too long, since items tend to sell out pretty quickly.

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