This Electric Toothbrush Gives You Money Rewards for Brushing Correctly, Because Incentives Are Good

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Getting into a healthy dental routine isn't easy. There's a lot of moving parts: from flossing regularly (at least once a day) and finding a good, affordable toothbrush, to brushing the right away (yes, you can actually brush too hard...),  dental hygiene can be a (literal) pain. It's all almost enough to make you want to slack-off all together.

Quip is one electric toothbrush with a solution that gets us back on board: Bribery. Sorry, wait, rewards. Their line of electric toothbrushes actually give you points for keeping your chompers shiny and clean, from discounts on quip products to Target gift cards, so you'll actually want to brush your teeth.

Here's how it all works: The  Smart Electric Toothbrush ($60) uses timed sonic vibrations that show you exactly where to brush. Each Smart Electric Toothbrush uses a Bluetooth Smart Motor that pairs directly with the free Smart Brush + Rewards app, which is available in both iOS and Android app stores. This app is what tracks and rewards you automatically every time you brush your teeth. All of your habits—brush time, coverage, amount of pressure—are stored directly in the platform, which serves as your personal dental hygiene hub and allows you to literally better your brushing. Complete a 2-minute brush? Get points. Brush twice a day? Get 2x the daily points. Hit a 7-day solid brushing streak? Get more daily points.

If you're already a quip customer, you don't have to invest in a completely new toothbrush. A separate Bluetooth Smart Motor is only $25 and can turn your original quip into a smart toothbrush instantly. And if you're bad at remembering to change out your toothbrush regularly (also a must for keeping your smile shiny), for $5, quip will deliver a brand new brush head and batteries straight to your door every three months.

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