These Are The Fitness Products and Athleisure Pieces Well+Good Readers Couldn’t Get Enough of in 2021

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We already knew this but, our readers have really great taste. Especially when it comes to breaking a sweat and dressing with 'fitspiration', Well+Good readers have got it going on. How do we know this? Judging from the gym gear and athleisure sets you added to your cart this year, you're sweating it out in style. From tried-and-true classic workout wear (hello, Outdoor Voices' Exercise Dress) to cutting-edge, at-home fitness tech, you all bought the best of the best in fitness this year.

If you didn't snag new workout stuff (or just need an excuse to buy more...) you've come to the right place. Below are the top fitness products and athleisure pieces Well+Good readers bought in 2021. And surprise, we can't get enough of the things you couldn't get enough of.

Your favorite athleisure wear

Outdoor Voices, The Exercise Dress — $100.00

Are we surprised the Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress was one of the top ‘fits you bought in 2021? Not at all. Now, if you have yet to experience the excellence that is an OV Exercise Dress, we strongly suggest you do. These chic-but-sporty dresses are about as versatile as you can get, and once you wear it, you’ll see what all the fuss is about.

Lululemon, Power Y Tank Top Luon — $52.00

Congrats. You loved this tank top so much that it sold out on Lululemon. But fear not—if you didn’t get your fan-favorite strappy tank top, there are plenty of others at Lululemon to check out. Our pick is the Align Waist-Length Tank Top, which is made of a buttery soft fabric that’s so light, it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Asics Gel Kayano 27
Asics, Gel-Kayano 27 — $107.00

In 2021, you all said, “Let’s get some shoes.” But not just any shoes—Asics Gel-Kayano 27s, to be exact. These snazzy running shoes look fierce but feel even fiercer on your feet, absorbing impact and cushioning as your run. These shoes rule.

sustainable fashion
Photo: Girlfriend Collective
Girlfriend Collective, Moon Compressive High-Rise Legging — $48.00

We love a good legging moment, and so do you, apparently. These high-rise leggings from Girlfriend Collective were a popular buy amongst W+G readers this year, probably due to the fact that they’re super flexible and designed to keep up with you no matter what activities you throw their way. Oh, and they’re inclusive with a wide range of sizes and inseams to scour, and they’re sustainable, made from recycled water bottles. No wonder they were one of your faves in 2021…

Allbirds, Wool Pipers — $98.00

Another hot-to-trot shoe in 2021? The Allbirds Wool Piper, a low-rise classic tennis shoe that feels like tiny clouds for your feet. True to Allbirds’ ethos, they’re made of sustainable materials that are good for your body and Planet Earth. Rock these sneaks with leggings, jeans, skorts, an Exercise Dress—you name it.

Brooks, Momentum Thermal Tight — $95.00

Cold weather has nothing on you guys. That’s because you bought these cozy thermal tights from Brooks, designed to keep you roasty toasty on your winter runs. They’re made with a sweat-wicking fabric that pulls moisture away while staying insulated, so bye-bye uncomfortable cold sweats.

Girlfriend Collective, Reslide — Fig — $49.00

When you weren’t lacing up the Allbirds or the Asics, you were sliding around in these berry-colored bad boys from Girlfriend Collective. Recycled from old shoes, these sustainable sandals are also recyclable, so when you’ve completely worn them out, they can be made into a brand new pair all over again. And if Fig isn’t your color, there’s a range of other earthy hues to shop instead.

Your favorite fitness products

Photo: Ugly Swan
UglySwan, Adjustable Cordless Jump Rope — $11.00

Cue the “Jump Around”—this $11 cordless jump rope was one of your favorite fitness products from 2021. The fun thing about this rope is its rope-optional—if you want the traditional jump rope, pull the cord through and hop to it. If you’re just getting into jump rope or want to try something new, skip the rope and use the weighted silicone balls to simulate the jump rope motion. For $11, it’s a home gym essential.

Chirp Wheel Review
Chirp, Wheel+ Foam Roller — $45.00

Another Amazon fave? This foam roller from Chirp. The plastic wheel is covered in a cushy EVA foam that gently rolls out knots, sore spots, and more. Best part is, it comes in all different sizes allowing you to customize your spine-rolling experience. Hard to reach, small knots? Use a smaller, more targeted wheel. Want all over relief? Use a big boy.

Therabody Theragun Elite
Therabody, Theragun Elite — $399.00

Muscle soreness must not really be a problem for you, since so many of you bought the Theragun Elite. If you’re not soothing aches and pains with this magical massage gun, we strongly suggest adding one to your cart ASAP. They melt away tension and knots in the quietest, most ergonomic way ever. TL;DR—they’re worth every penny.

Mirror, Mirror Gym — $995.00

When it comes to at-home fitness, 2021 was the year of the Mirror. This hidden home gym won the hearts of our editors, and in turn, our readers. And for good reason—the innovative fitness technology looks like a mirror when it’s off. But when it’s on? It’s a one-stop-shop for all your favorite workouts, all available in the comfort of your own home.

Restcloud, Cervical Traction Device — $21.00

Last in your shopping carts was this $21 neck and shoulder stretcher from Amazon. The V-shaped foam pillow cradles your neck in all the right places, stabilizing and stretching your cervical spine to reduce pressure and allow for stronger support. Considering it has more than 20,000 5-star reviews, buying one is more than a good idea.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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