Rebel Wilson Channels Amazon’s Alexa for Self-Care Bath Vibes in This Super Bowl Ad

Photo: Instagram/@rebelwilson
What are the masses going to do when the oh-so-precious Alexa (Yes, Amazon's home assistant) eventually loses her voice? Have some celebs cover for her, of course. In a hilarious new Super Bowl ad, a few familiar faces filled in as the voice of the beloved gadget when she needed a break, and—you guessed it!—things got kinda awkward.

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos enlisted chef Gordon Ramsay to help with food-related issues, but the famously prickly toque was just a little overly critical of one user's grilled cheese recipe request. And when someone asked Cardi B to play country music, "Bodak Yellow" was all they got. Anthony Hopkins even made an appearance, totally creeping out the user in true Silence of the Lambs fashion. Then there was Rebel Wilson, who definitely enjoyed her new gig.

While unleashing some prime self-care bath vibes in one of the most luxurious-looking tubs ever, she attempted to help one user "set the mood" for a get-together at his place. Maybe she was just too relaxed, because her idea of mood setting was a bit more, shall we say, intimate than the user's. Wink wink.

One thing's for sure: Wilson definitely has the whole R & R thing down. Now, if only Alexa could draw bubble baths. Get on it, Amazon.

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