8 Rechargeable Vibrators Under $40 That’ll Help You Orgasm Without Hurting the Environment

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A big reason your vibrator might not be the most recyclable good in your household is that it may require lithium batteries to help you reach your orgasm. Lithium batteries, especially those that are improperly disposed of, can leave toxic, corrosive liquids in their wake, which is bad news for the environment. But worry not because there's an eco-friendly workaround to need to burn through those AAs: rechargeable vibrators. Rechargeable vibrators are models that can be charged by a wire and iPhone cube, a charging station, a laptop, or even the sun—and using them is a sustainability win.

"Toys with rechargeable batteries and high quality materials can reduce waste," says Jess O’Reilly, PhD, sexologist and host of the @SexWithDrJess podcast. "I’ve had some of my toys, like, the [rechargeable] We-Vibe Touch, for many years and it’s still going strong. Some toys also use natural resources as sources of power, such as solar-powered toys, and others work to reduce packaging or use recyclable packaging materials."

Even better is that while many rechargeable vibrators on the market skew expensive, we found a few options that cut off at a clean $40. Below, find eight rechargeable vibrator options that kiss batteries goodbye and keep your pleasure in check.

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1. Dame Zee Bullet Vibrator, $30

If you need an introduction to Dame's world of sleek rechargeable vibrators, the powerful and price-friendly Zee is worth exploring. The $30 bullet vibrator offers straightforward clitoral stimulation and is a quality option that's basically destined to become a nightstand favorite of yours.

Shop Now: Dame Zee Bullet Vibrator, $30

2. Satisfyer Sweet Treat, $40

Speaking of clitoral stimulation, how adorable is this mini-vibe? With a pliable tip, the Satisfyer Sweet Treat delivers soft-serve orgasms that'll make your head spin. (That's...basically because the head of that toy also spins, which is a fun sensation that's definitely worth trying.)

Shop Now: Satisfyer Sweet Treat, $40

3. Shibari Mini Halo "The Original" Compact Power Wand Massager, $28

This Shibari Masssage Wand is pretty beloved in the sex-toy world. It has 20 pulsation patterns and eight speeds, allowing for multitudinous pleasure possibilities. Reviewers note that the versatile tool is also whisper quiet and has pleasured some lucky users "into next week." It also retails for less than $30 and, yes, is also rechargeable.

Shop Now: Shibari Mini Halo “The Original” Compact Power Wand Massager, $28

5. plusOne Dual Vibrating Massager, $37

This is a streamlined take on the rabbit vibrator that doesn't have "ear" ticklers but is still absolutely a double-duty vibe. The longer extension can be used internally and has a slight curve to hit your G-spot, while the smaller end is there for clitoral stimulation. With the dual stimulation, you might land blended orgasms at a really, really good price.

Shop Now: plusOne Dual Vibrating Massager, $37

6. Tracy's Dog Pecker, $37

Speaking of G-Spot, Pecker is a super-unique G-Spot targeting sex toy from Tracy's Dog, aka the brand that brought you the vibrator that can make you levitate. When I tried Pecker over the summer, I deeply appreciated how the toy was able to tap different erogenous zones, which makes for a completely different feel. That said, the tapping is just one sensation you can get from Pecker—in total, you can create over 50 unique pleasure combinations.

Shop Now: Tracy's Dog Pecker, $37

7. Romp Switch, $30

There's always room in your goodie drawer for a suction sex toy, which is a trusty oral sex simulator that uses air-flow technology to deliver pleasure. This budget model by Romp is vetted by Organic Loven, which values safe materials and eco-concious sexual wellness products.

Shop Now: Romp Switch, $30

8. CalExotics Solar Bullet, $21

Finally, if you have some time to spare and some sunlight in your life, try this solar-powered vibe by CalExotics. It's a classic silver bullet for very targeted clitoral orgasms. And don't underestimate the size—my very first sex toy was a silver bullet, so trust when I say that these can really shoot you off.

Shop Now: CalExotics Solar Bullet, $21

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