7 Delicious Recipes That Prove Gut-Healthy Kefir Deserves a Permanent Spot in Your Fridge

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Here's a fun gut health fact: Kefir (the fermented dairy drink that originated from Armenia and the Caucasus Mountain region) has three times the amount of probiotics as yogurt. It suddenly got a little bit more exciting, right? Whether you already buy kefir on the reg or that handy dandy piece of info inspired you to start picking some up, chances are there's a lot more ways to use it than you know.

For example, did you know you can use kefir to make homemade tortillas? What about salad dressing and ghee? You can also use it to make probiotic-rich ice cream and cake. The recipes with kefir included here show you exactly how it's done. Keep reading to get the goods.

Scroll down for 7 creative recipes with kefir.

recipes with kefir smoothie
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1. Strawberry kefir smoothie

One of the easiest ways to put your kefir to good use is by working it into a smoothie. Here, it's combined with strawberries, lemon juice, and a little honey. Simple and sweet!

Get the recipe: strawberry kefir smoothie

kefir green goddess dressing
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2. Kefir avocado green goddess dressing

Drizzling this kefir-based dressing on your salad instantly ups the gut health value in your meal. Literally every ingredient in this recipe is good for you, from the avocado to the fresh herbs.

Get the recipe: kefir avocado green goddess dressing

recipes with kefir muffins
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3. Blueberry blender muffins

Working kefir into your muffins adds a tangy taste and, of course, those gut-healthy benefits. Adding blueberries into the mix brings out the flavor of the kefir even more and ups the antioxidant content, making this a delicious brain- and heart-healthy breakfast.

Get the recipe: blueberry blender muffins

kefir ghee recipe
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4. Kefir cultured ghee

On its own, ghee already has nutritious perks to boast about (it's full of omega-3 fatty acids). Make it with kefir instead of butter and you'll end up with health benefits upon health benefits. Keep it on hand to work into your cooking in place of butter.

Get the recipe: kefir cultured ghee

kefir tortillas
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5. Kefir tortillas

Making your own probiotic tortillas? Now that's getting creative in the kitchen. Using kefir gives the tortillas a hint of a sourdough taste. Everyone around the table will be trying to pinpoint your secret ingredient.

Get the recipe: kefir tortillas

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6. Kefir ice cream

Using kefir to make ice cream is only one level of difficulty up from integrating it into your smoothies—you're so ready for this one. Besides the kefir, all you need is a little honey for sweetness. Then, how you want to customize it is 100 percent up to you.

Get the recipe: kefir ice cream 

kefir cake
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7. Chocolate and vanilla kefir cake

Sure, you can have kefir on its own for a quick hit of protein. Or, you can use it to make this decadent cake. Use dark cacao powder to get the maximum amount of antioxidants in every slice.

Get the recipe: chocolate and vanilla kefir cake

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