Hair Has 3 Main Breakage Points—This 5-Minute Mask Strengthens Them All

Photo: Getty Images/ Mykola Romanovskyy
Try as we might to avoid it, hair breakage is pretty much inevitable. It can be caused by heat, chemical treatments, aging, hormonal fluctuations—the list goes on and on. But while there are many different factors that can contribute to this damage, there's one product that targets them all: the Redken Extreme Length Triple Action Treatment Mask ($31).

The pros at Redken have concocted a formula that targets the three main points of breakage in your hair—the scalp, lengths, and ends—in order to remedy these weaknesses and give strength and resilience back to your mane. This can be particularly helpful for anyone trying to grow out their lengths, as the formula keeps hair well-nourished and damage-free throughout the process.

These are some keys to nourishing hair so it can grow healthily—and you can get to your desired length. “The challenge is maintaining the hair’s integrity as it gets longer,” says Rodney Cutler, owner of Cutler Salons and Redken brand ambassador. “To do this, you need to make sure you’re nourishing and moisturizing your hair at each point to strengthen it and reduce breakage.”

This five-minute mask is part of Redken's Extreme Lengths line, and acts as a rescue 911 for brittle hair. The star ingredients: niacinamide, biotin, and castor oil. These actives“target and nourish the scalp, strengthen and retain length and visibly reduce split ends,” says Cutler. Niacinamide, specifically, is “known to improve the appearance of hair health and soothe scalp irritation,” while “Biotin promotes healthy hair and castor oil helps reduce the appearance of split ends and follicle health," Cutler explains.

The mask, aptly called the Triple Action Treatment, takes just five minutes to set in before rinsing out, and promises to make hair two times stronger in a single use while visibly reducing split ends by 68 percent. Plus, it’ll give you a few extra minutes of "you" time.

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