Refrigerator Look Book: Christy Turlington Burns

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We peeked inside the supermodel's healthy fridge to find out what has been fueling her long runs, and her ageless beauty.

Christy Turlington dietChristy Turlington Burns has worn lots of different hats —supermodel, yogi, mother, student, filmmaker, advocate for women's health, and more.

Today she added marathon runner to the list, as she crossed the finish line at the ING New York City Marathon to raise awareness for her charity, Every Mother Counts. (She finished in 4:20:47, and maintained an impressively steady pace throughout, never straying outside of a 9:38—9:59 minute-mile.)

We peeked inside her healthy fridge to find out what's been fueling her long runs, and her ageless beauty.

What's your overall food philosophy? I love culture and all that comes with it, and food plays a huge role in most cultures of the world. I have a very "when in Rome" philosophy about food. But also believe in moderation.

I know you’ve been both a meat-eater and a vegetarian. What’s your current status? I just listen to my body, and there are times when I crave a vegetarian diet and times when I crave meat. When I was pregnant both times, I was driven to eat more meat than before.

How did you eat while you were training for the marathon? Did you change your diet? I did the Clean cleanse just before I started training for the marathon, so it was hard to imagine carb-loading when I had completely eliminated them for a month. But I have slowly reintroduced them while training, and it has made a huge difference in my energy levels.

Christy Turlington BurnsIs the coconut water in your fridge for post-run hydration? I love coconut water! I drink it pretty much all the time, but it does hit the spot after those long runs.

I see the “Every Mother Counts” logo on the Kefir in your fridge. Why did you choose Kefir as a partner for your charity? I met Julie Smolyansky a few years ago at a conference. She was pregnant at the time, and I was making my documentary, "No Woman, No Cry." We stayed in touch and when I launched Every Mother Counts she said, "How can I help?" This is what we came up with.

We know lots of people who are obsessed with Green Vibrance. What do you do with it? My husband [actor Ed Burns] and I make lots of smoothies, so we throw into those.

What’s in the butcher paper? Salmon steaks.

Your fridge is filled with fresh ingredients. Do you ever rely on prepared food when you’re on the go? If so, what do you reach for? Soups, smoothies, Luna Bars, and lots of nuts.

Final question: You obviously know a lot about beauty. Are there foods that you notice make a difference in terms of your skin and overall self-care? Especially going into winter... I love fish oils and take them regularly, but I also use essentials oils on my skin. This time of year, I love pumpkin and squash as well. —Lisa Elaine Held

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