Refrigerator Look Book: Jenny Hutt

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We got a look at the fridge of "Just Jenny," the radio personality who uses her popular Sirius/XM show to dish on her weight loss and workouts.

Jenny Hutt Sirius RadioJenny Hutt is so over TMI. Thousands of people already know a whole lot about what the successful radio host and author of Whateverland eats and how often she exercises.

On her popular SiriusXM show, “Just Jenny,” the Long Island native frequently discusses how she transformed her habits and her body through healthy eating and exercise after years of battling with her weight.

Now, the humorist (you gotta check out her Adele cover "Snack Cake Like You," a tribute to the demise of the Twinkie) and mother of two teens, relies on SoulCycle and the treadmill to help maintain her weight, and she swears by counting calories. We asked the radio host to open up her fridge to our prying eyes:

You've got a lot of dairy products! I'm guessing you don't subscribe to the "dairy is evil" philosophy. Can you tell us about the various ones and what you use each of them for? I do think dairy is evil! Actually, I'm not sure... There's so much information about what we should and should not eat—sometimes it creates an internal conflict. Dairy for me is a backup protein because I don't eat much chicken or meat. Cheese is also so yummy and hard to give up.

What's your take on Greek versus regular yogurt? I think Greek yogurt is a better value in terms of calories and nutritionally for me. I like the higher protein content.

I see some soda...guilty pleasure? The soda was left over from my son's birthday party or "hang out." He just turned 14. There's also left over birthday cake on the bottom shelf.

What do you use your condiments for? Do you ever worry about the ingredients in Heinz ketchup and the like? Heinz has corn syrup and, yes, I know it's not healthy as an everyday food. But it's a childhood favorite/memory/only ketchup I think worth eating ever! We don't use a lot of it but with baked french fries from Energy Kitchen there's nothing better.

I see a lot of ready-to-eat fresh fruit. Do you strategically wash and cut it to avoid snacking on less healthy foods? Yes! I'm a working mother, so when I can save time, I am happy. I have fruit and some vegetables in my house all the time. It definitely keeps us choosing better options.

What do you plan on doing with those avocados? Sometimes I'll eat half an avocado with a little salt as a snack. SO YUMMY. I'll also add it to egg whites and turkey sandwiches. (My husband eats a lot of turkey. He's super fit.)

Are eggs a big source of protein in your house? Yes, we eat a lot of egg whites. It's an easy and no-fat good source of protein.

Can you tell us about the bread? I'm big on having some comfort foods around. Arnold's Country white bread reminds me of my late mother. She always bought that. And Weight Watcher's rye bread is SO GREAT toasted with a little butter or non-dairy, no-trans-fat spread. (But butter tastes better!)

When it comes to food, what are some key things that have helped you with your weight loss? I'm a big fan of calorie counting, and I know it's helped with my weight loss. It's also helped me to allow myself treats when I want them. If I make a certain food be off limits then it's all I want to have. Sometimes I do allow myself foods like pizza. I rarely eat fried food. I just don't see the need.
 Sometimes I will have cake or dessert for breakfast, but I always count the calories. I MUST count the calories.

Are there any foods you make sure to never stock in your home? To always stock? I'm odd. I go through food phases where I have to have a lot of something and then after a bit I want NONE. I definitely follow my gut (pun intended) when food shopping. —Sharon Feiereisen

"Just Jenny" on Sirius/XM radio, STARS 107, airs weekdays at 1:00 p.m.,

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