Refrigerator Look Book: Katrina Bowden

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Katrina Bowden shotYou probably know Katrina Bowden as Tina Fey's ditzy blonde assistant Cerie from 30 Rock. But the New Yorker certainly has her head screwed on in real life when it comes to diet and exercise.

Bowden ran the New York City Marathon last year and will lace up for the Airbnb Brooklyn Half on Saturday. (Good luck!) She's a regular at Flywheel, FlyBarre, and most recently, Tone House.

"I have a very competitive edge," Bowden says. "I constantly like to get better at something, so it really makes me happy to work out and see improvement."

Here's what Bowden—who just wrapped shooting season one of Public Morals, a new TV show by Ed Burns and Stephen Spielberg—keeps in the Greenwich Village fridge she shares with her husband, musician Ben Jorgensen. Hint: There's room for wine and pepperoni pizza. —Jamie McKillop

Katrina FridgeIs there anything that you don't eat? I avoid dairy because of an allergy, but otherwise I don't restrict anything. If I want something I'll have a little bit. Once you start dieting is when you start making mistakes and bad choices. For the most part though, I do eat really healthy, because I really like healthy food. I also like to cook a lot at home so I know exactly what I'm eating.

What's a typical breakfast for you? I'm a creature of habit, so if I find something I like, I eat it every day. For breakfast, I'll usually have Trader Joe's fiber cereal, with some fruit and almond milk. If I'm training for something like a marathon, I'll switch that to a plain white English muffin.

How often do you cook dinner? I typically cook about five nights a week. We switch up the menu so we don't get bored, but a classic dinner is green curry chicken with vegetables in light coconut milk. We also do a lot of salmon and vegetables. We have a weekly tradition of pizza night, usually after a day with a long workout. I make mine cheese-less with veggies and pepperoni.

Yum. I see some beer and champagne in your fridge. Do you drink? I do, but the beer is my husband's—I just don't like it. I'm more of a wine drinker. NBC gave us a bottle of Cristal when 30 Rock was nominated for an Emmy. It's been sitting there forever. We've just never known when to open it. We're still waiting for that moment! I don't drink a lot, just a couple of glasses of wine per week. But I wouldn't be happy if I cut it out completely.

What are all of those gorgeous green veggies for? I typically roast them all together on a big cookie sheet with some garlic and olive oil. I'll take the zucchini and make spiralized noodles, too. I'll cook it with some salt, pepper, and olive oil with fresh tomato sauce.

What about the bacon? My husband loves bacon. He eats it with his eggs a lot. I'll chop it up and put it in a kale salad. It instantly makes it so much better. If it's just a little, it's fine. We make a lot of scrambles and omelettes. I eat egg whites, because I just don't like the yolk. But it's usually that with spinach, kale, and some bacon in it. It's our favorite breakfast at home.

What's a go-to snack for you? I like baby carrots with salsa or hummus. I'll grab the whole bag and just start popping them. Those and cherry tomatoes.

It's still really healthy. What's an indulgence for you? Froyo. I get the sorbet since I can't have dairy. It's my favorite treat. The other is drinking wine. And I'm a huge fan of trail mix. It's obviously healthy but you can't have too much. Other than that I think I do a pretty good job.

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(Photo: Katrina Bowden)

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