Refrigerator Look Book: Whitney Tingle and Danielle Duboise

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The soul-sister founders of Sakara Life Elite Organic Meal Delivery program share what's in their healthy diet, and why that includes champagne.

Sakara LifeSakara Life founders Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise met in seventh grade in Arizona before both ending up in New York, one on a path towards medical school, the other on Wall Street.

They realized quickly that staying healthy in New York was hard. Now, previous careers abandoned, they try to make it easy for everyone else through Sakara Life's Elite Organic Meal Delivery—a high-end, meals-at-your-doorstep program that's fresh, balanced, and delicious. (Stay tuned for our first-taste report.)

Although they don't actually share a home fridge, we let them stock one together, since they swore they're kindred kitchen spirits. "We're one big family," Tingle explains, after revealing that their chef also went to junior high with them.

"We eat the exact same way," Duboise agrees. Here's what these stylish-and-healthy soul sisters stock:

Okay, the middle shelf has some mystery items. What's in the boxes and the bag in the middle? Danielle: The bag is shitake mushrooms. I make an awesome hot-and-sour soup with them. The boxes are Sakara meals! Whitney: We pretty much live off Sakara.

What do you do with the spirulina? D: I’m a smoothie fiend. I throw it in the blender with bananas and coconut water and some frozen fruit. I don’t eat very much meat, I just don’t know how to cook it, and spirulina is really high in protein and vitamin B12. W: Which is what you miss out on when you don’t eat meat.

Sakara FridgeWhat is nama shoyu and what do you do with it? D: It’s an organic, raw soy sauce that's less processed. It’s also gluten-free and organic. It goes in the soup I make or just on brown rice, maybe with some soft boiled eggs.

This might sound funny, but whole artichokes intimidate me. Where do you even begin? D: They’re so easy! I usually tear some of the outer leaves off because they get a little meaty, but then you just put it in a steamer or boil it, and that’s it. Way in the back of the fridge I have tahini, and I mix it with some lemon and salt and just dip them in that. I wouldn't do it if it wasn't simple. We can cook, but I don’t particularly like to. W: We have lots of better ways to spend our time! I also buy the little baby artichokes, because I don’t think I have a pot large enough to put two whole artichokes in.

Thanks for the advice! What are a few of your go-to foods? D: Black beans, brown rice, and we eat a lot of organic eggs for protein. And we're big apple girls! Apple season is our favorite time of year. W: We keep a big jar of almond butter and a bowl of apples out in the office at all times for snacking.

I'm apple-obsessed too! I also love champagne, and can see you do, too. W: Yes! We're all about being able to eat healthy and still enjoy life! D: It’s more about what you say yes to, not what you say no to. And once you eat more healthy foods, you develop a taste for them and want to eat them more often. W: Exactly. If you're always thinking "Can I eat that?" you’ll drive yourself crazy. You want to make eating and drinking easy and simple. You should be worried about work and the people you love, not counting calories. So we drink champagne! —Lisa Elaine Held

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