This Trichologist-Approved Scalp Scrub Has Made My Limp Hair *So* Much More Voluminous, and It’s Currently 30% Off

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We’ve all heard that scalp care is skin care, but I’ll confess: I never fully bought into scalp scrubs as a concept, and have been quick to write them off as a superfluous step in my shower routine. Turns out, I was wrong. According to pros, everyone should be exfoliating their scalps—and that goes double those of us dealing with excess oiliness (it me!) or dryness, or anyone who simply wants to grow healthier, fuller hair (and really, don't we all?).

That’s where the René Furterer Head Spa Purifying Scrub Detox comes in. As part of the French hair-care brand’s Head Spa collection, the Purifying Scrub Detox promises to gently exfoliate and refresh the scalp while ridding it of dead skin, build-up, and impurities. Spoiler alert: It delivers. And as if that weren't enough good news, from now through November 25th, you can snag the scrub for 30-percent off the usual price—which means the clean, voluminous hair that dreams are made of will only run you $31.50.

rené furterer head spa scalp scrub detox
René Furterer, Head Spa Purifying Scrub Detox — $31.50

Originally $45, now $31.50


  • Deep cleans the scalp by removing product buildup and other impurities
  • Made with natural ingredients including sea salt, activated charcoal, aloe vera, and orange e

Experts In This Article

Why you should be exfoliating your scalp

“If you’ve ever had a facial, you know that exfoliation stimulates circulation and removes impurities that may clog pores,” explains certified trichologist Bridgette Hill, WTS. “Scalp exfoliation works much the same way but replaces pores with hair follicles.”

Scalp exfoliators, Hill says, help boost circulation, remove follicle-clogging debris (like hair product, pollutants, and dirt and oil), and combat imbalances that can lead to scalp conditions if left unchecked.

Think of these products as a "reset" button for the skin on your noggin: They ensure that your scalp is functioning properly and quell irritation so that your hair follicles can thrive, leading to healthier hair growth. According to Hill, scalp scrubs deserve a spot in everyone's routine (especially if their scalps skew oily or dry), and can be particularly helpful for those who use a lot of hair products or wear their hair in protective styles.

What makes the René Furterer Head Spa Purifying Scrub Detox so effective

It deep cleans better than shampoo

Don’t be mistaken: The Head Spa Purifying Scrub Detox isn’t just a scrubby shampoo. “Scalp exfoliators are cleansers, yet they go way beyond traditional shampoos, which are surfactants, to cleanse and restore the scalp,” says Hill.

While shampoos only remove oil and buildup on the surface of the scalp, Hill explains, the Scrub Detox goes a step further—getting deep down into the pore and hair follicle to draw out impurities and deliver an ultra-satisfying deep clean.

After just one use, I could already tell that the scrub was working its magic. My scalp was cleaner, calmer, and free of annoying dry shampoo buildup, and my hair felt squeaky clean (but not brittle) at the root—which made my normally fine, limp strands look more voluminous.

“This is achieved by using plant-based active ingredients and natural sources to draw the impurities out of the skin without disrupting or harming the scalp's microbiome and skin barrier,” says Hill. And, BTW, it doesn't need to replace your shampoo outright—Hill recommends using it to supplement your regular wash routine as a once-weekly treatment.

It’s made with a balancing blend of plant-based ingredients

The secret to success in René Furter's scalp scrub comes from its top-notch blend of natural ingredients, which includes sea salt, activated charcoal, orange essential oil, and aloe vera.

The sea salt delivers a gentle, physical exfoliation that sloughs off dead skin cells. It rinses away clean so that you won't be left finding particles in your hair after you step out of the shower. “The plant-based activated charcoal assists in drawing impurities deep within the pores of the hair follicle that may disrupt its function,” says Hill. “The orange oil purifies the scalp, aids in microcirculation, and assists with penetration of other active ingredients." It also gives the scalp scrub its delicious, spa-like scent, which I love.

And aloe vera—the dermatologist-beloved hydrator with calming anti-inflammatory properties—soothes and strengthens the skin barrier on your scalp to combat dryness and itching.

It helps prolong the time between washes

One thing about me is that my scalp gets oily fast. I can’t go more than a day between washes or my hair will feel like a greasy mess. The René Furterer Scrub Detox was the first hair product I’ve tried that’s actually made a noticeable difference in my routine and allowed me to stretch my shampoo sessions beyond the usual 24 hours. It leaves my scalp so balanced that I've been able to go three—sometimes even four—days without feeling like a total oil slick. More than anything else, this has been a testament to just how well this product works.

Moral of the story: If you’re looking to bring a scalp scrub into your routine (which you ought to be, according to Hill), the René Furterer Head Spa Purifying Scrub Detox won’t disappoint. Find it here, but don't wait too long—this deal is truly too good to miss out on.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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